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Ensuring Program Compatibility with Windows Vista
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Logical operators implement Boolean logic between values to produce a Boolean value. They can be combined with other operator types into more complex forms of results. The logical operators are listed in Table 26-2.
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Fig. 3.18
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Wireless Communications
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A standard feature of modern editors is the ability to cut or copy data, then paste it elsewhere in the document. The vim editor provides a way to do this. Cutting and pasting is relatively easy. You ve already seen the commands in Table 6-2 that can remove data from the buffer. However, when vim removes data, it actually stores it in a separate register. You can retrieve that data by using the p command. For example, you can use the dd command to delete a line of text, then move the cursor to the location in the buffer where you want to place it, then use the p command. The p command inserts the text after the line at the current cursor position. You can do this with any command that removes text. Copying text is a little bit trickier. The copy command in vim is y (for yank). You can use the same second character with y as with the d command (yw to yank a word, y$ to yank to the end of a line). After you yank the text, move the cursor to the location where you want to place the text and use the p command. The yanked text now appears at that location. Yanking is tricky. You can t see what happened, because you re not affecting the text that you yank. You never know for sure what you yanked until you paste it somewhere. There s another feature in vim that helps us out with yanking. Visual mode highlights text as you move the cursor. You can use Visual mode to select text to yank for pasting. To enter Visual mode, move the cursor to the location where you want to start yanking, then press v. You ll notice that the text at the cursor position is now highlighted. Next, move the cursor to cover the text you want to yank (you can even move down lines to yank more than one line of text). As you move the cursor, vim highlights the text in the yank area. After you ve covered the text you want to copy, press the y key to activate the yank command. Now that you ve got the text in the register, just move the cursor to where you want to paste, and use the p command to insert it.
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5.9 Telephoto lenses let you capture scenes that are too far away to reach any other way. This surfer was close to shore, but I still wasn t able to get this shot without a 300mm lens.
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Windows 7 Starter can be upgraded to Windows 7 Home Premium, Professional,
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To place shell commands in a text file, first you ll need to use a text editor (see 6, Working With Text ) to create a file, then enter the commands into the file. When creating a shell script file, you must specify the shell you are using in the first line of the file. The format for this is:
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Using query_posts() and rewind_posts()
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ssembly configurations enable you to control many things, including part configurations, suppression, visibility, color, and assembly feature sizes. They also enable you to control assembly layout sketch dimensions, mate values, suppression states, and several other items. What you learn in this chapter about assembly configurations builds on the information in 10, which discusses part configurations. In this chapter, you also learn how you can use design tables in conjunction with SolidWorks assemblies. Display States are a better performance alternative than configurations for controlling visibility and displaying part styles in assemblies. I discuss Display State options at length in this chapter.
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________________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________________
Part IV: Digital Media and Entertainment
Evaluating Your System Requirements
Windows Vista has added two new controls to its search feature: Instant Search and Enhanced Column Headers. The Instant Search feature is found in the Start menu (as detailed in the next paragraph), while the Enhanced Column Headers facilitates how data is displayed. These features are detailed in 4.
If you have difficulty installing or using any of the material on the companion CD, try the following solutions: n Turn off any anti-virus software that you may have running. Installers sometimes mimic virus activity and can make your computer incorrectly believe that it is being infected by a virus. (Be sure to turn the anti-virus software back on later.) n Close all running programs. The more programs you re running, the less memory is available to other programs. Installers also typically update files and programs; if you keep other programs running, installation may not work properly.
Note that the Doppler shift is negative when the TX and RX move away from each other. Since the speed of the movement is always small compared with the speed of light, the Doppler shifts are relatively small. In the above example, we had assumed that the direction of RX movement is aligned with the direction of wave propagation. If that is not the case, the Doppler shift is determined by the speed of movement in the direction of wave propagation, v cos( ) (see Figure 5.5). The Doppler shift is then: v v (5.8) = cos( ) = fc cos( ) = max cos( ) c0 The maximum Doppler shift max typically lies between 1 Hz and 1 kHz. Note that in general, the relationship max = fc v/c0 is based on several assumptions e.g., static IOs, no double re ections on moving objects, etc.
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