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Caveats of quota systems
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The Consultant s Calling by Geoffrey Bellman (Jossey-Bass, 1990) is a fine treatment of the philosophical basis and attitudinal requirements of the successful consultant. Not many books tackle that subject, and this one is a fine effort.
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Games and Programs Included with Windows Vista Ultimate
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FIGURE 18.10 The finished library feature part
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For more information about Windows Media Player, see 9.
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Open the image you want to make changes to in the Windows Photo Gallery. Then select the Fix button to access the editing options for this image.
9: Evolution
The Recent Pages drop-down list is useful when you can t remember the URL of a Web site you ve visited lately. This tool keeps track of all the Web sites viewed during the past two weeks (unless you use the Internet Options dialog box see Figure 3-14 to change the default settings). To find the URL for a Web site you visited recently
n Save Senders tab: This tab lets you create and edit a list of e-mail addresses from which you always want the junk mail filter to allow mail. You can instruct Windows Mail to always trust people in the Windows Contacts list, and also to automatically add people to whom you send e-mail to the Safe Senders list. n Blocked Senders tab: This tab is just the opposite of the Save Senders tab. You can add e-mail addresses to this tab s list to have mail from those addresses always flagged as junk. n International tab: This tab allows you to block e-mail by top-level domain and by its international encoding. If you re getting lots of bizarre e-mail from, say, China, you can block e-mail encoded in Chinese and/or block e-mail from the .CN domain. n Phishing tab: This tab allows you to turn on or off the Phishing Filter, which looks for signs of phishing (discussed earlier in this chapter) in incoming e-mail.
Navigating the SolidWorks Interface
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I was sitting in the laboratory of the Sensor Watch Company in
The Linux world is constantly evolving, and, for any Linux distribution to keep up with new advances, new versions of the software must be released on a regular schedule. The Ubuntu distribution does an excellent job of scheduling releases and sticking to the schedule. Ubuntu releases new versions every six months. Some releases are tagged as long-term support (LTS). For these releases, Ubuntu provides security and patch updates for up to 3 years. The current list of Ubuntu releases is shown in Table 1-9.
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