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The placement sketch is listed first under the Hole Wizard feature. It has one or more sketch points marking the hole centers. It may also contain construction geometry with relations and dimensions to fully locate the hole centers. Placement sketches are discussed in more detail in the next section, 2D versus 3D placement sketches.
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If you re working on the Ubuntu server command line or just want to get to the commandline level on your workstation, you can t use the Synaptic graphical package management tools. Instead, you must use the command-line tool, apt-get. This section walks through how to use the apt-get tool to update and install software on your Ubuntu system.
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ParaunitaryTwo-Channel Filter Banks
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Direction (degrees)
The debate on how to get the dimensions from the model to the drawing is much like the tastes great/less filling debate. Each side of the issue has valid points, and the question is not likely to be resolved any time soon. At the center of this debate is whether you should place the dimensions that you use to create the model directly on the drawing, or whether you should use reference dimensions created on the drawing. In the following sections, I examine each method for its benefits and drawbacks.
Photo: Import new images, manage image versions, export images to another
Bend Allowance
Part I: SolidWorks Basics
27: Working with Surfaces
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Part VII
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