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Polycapillary optics provide an alternative method for collecting ef ciently the output from a microfocus tube. They consist (Figure 2.1.14) of a bundle of hollow borosilicate glass tubes stacked together, the X-rays being totally externally re ected from the internal surfaces of the capillary tubes. By shaping the bundle appropriately, the spot size and beam divergence can be varied over a wide range. As a capillary, like the ellipsoidal mirror, relies on total external re ection to guide the X-rays (much in the manner of an optical waveguide) the angular range of acceptance is small. Thus, as with the mirror, optimum coupling is achieved only when the polycapillary optics is placed very close to the X-ray source, again presenting a major challenge in the engineering design of the
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If you prefer to select the mathematical symbols visually rather than by their names, select the View Selection option from the menu bar. This produces the Selection dialog box with two sections. The top section contains buttons for each of the symbol categories. As you select a symbol category, the symbols contained in that category appear in the bottom section of the dialog box. Just click on the symbol you want to use, and it appears in the command window.
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The mates that contribute to putting the pieces of an assembly together are solved at the level of the top assembly. Under normal circumstances, subassemblies are treated as static selections of parts that are welded together, and their mates are not solved at the same time that the top-level assemblies mates are solved. This segmenting of the mates leads to improved performance by only solving one set of mates at a time. Mates are usually solved as a single group unless there is a special situation, such as mates to in-context features, component pattern instances, or an assembly feature, all of which have already been described in this chapter. When one of these situations occurs, the mates have to be divided into separate groups or solved multiple times. This is done transparently behind the scenes so that the user does not have to worry about it.
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Figure 2.1: Reconfigurable transceiver schematic diagram.
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You can take ownership of a logical printer in the same way you take ownership of a le or folder. Ownership rules for printers are no different from the ownership rules for les and folders. For example, the person who created the logical printer owns it; the user owns the created print job. Ownership is discussed in 16. To take ownership of a printer, perform the following steps: 1. Open the logical printer s properties and select the Security tab. Click the Advanced button. 2. The Advanced Security Settings dialog box appears. Click the Owner tab. Your user account (your logon) and the Administrators group appear in the list of owners. Select the account and click Apply or OK. Click OK again to close the Properties dialog box. Remember that you can t take ownership if you are not a member of an administrator s group that has been assigned the Manage Printers permission.
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The finished sketch
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antenna arrays with beamforming in a multipath environment.
If WordPress is not able to serve a request because it can t find any content fulfilling the query request, it looks to find a 404.php file. Those familiar with HTTP status codes will recognize a 404 error as a Page Not Found error.
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The backup process begins, during which the files of the type or types you selected in Step 3 are saved to the designated backup location. Note: If you are backing up your files to CDs or DVDs, you might need to switch to a new blank disc when the current disc becomes full. Vista lets you know when it is time to insert a new disc.
Hi3. Shifts the white balance
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Figure 21.2 Intermodulation products.
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