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Given the popularity of the iPhone these days, iPhone-specific versions of a blog are in demand. The WPhone iPhone Theme plugin ( wptouch/) uses jQuery to render a version of a WordPress blog that is formatted for the iPhone. The results are shown in Figure 11.6.
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Time to complete the whole search task. Automatic log of changes performed to the knowledge system. Automatic log of errors in the search task. Automatic log of commands executed (e.g. add a new problem-solving sub-step similar to an existing one). Detailed notes of the actions performed by the test users (taken manually by the experimenters by means of onsite observations) including how users approach the given problem and what materials they consult. For this purpose we ask the test users to verbalize what they are thinking and doing during the execution of the scenario. We use tape recording during the interviews since we found that only note taking is not suf cient. Post-trial questionnaires the test users ll out at the end of the experiments, with questions regarding the perceived usability of the tools.
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As was mentioned in a previous section, semiclassical electron dynamics predicts that there is no scattering by the periodic lattice potential. Scattering is only caused by deviations from periodicity, generally a weak perturbation. One therefore uses time-dependent perturbation theory to handle the problem. We briefly sketch that formalism first, and then apply the resulting expression, the Fermi golden rule, to scattering mechanisms that are relevant for Si-based ULSI devices. 7 We ask ourselves the following question: "What ts the probability, S(k, P), that an electron
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At every point on the larger arc of the circle, the angle subtended by AB is the same, by the 'angle in the same segment' property, while it is greater from points inside the circle and less from points outside. (So the circle can be thought of as the boundary curve between the set of points from which AB appears smaller and the set of points from which AB appears larger - one typically mathematical way of looking at a curve.)
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Indoor Outdoor
29: Ruby
Part IV
Figure 5.1-7 shows part of the quasiassociated signaling network originally deployed by the Bell System for CCIS [2,4]. The basic structure has been retained for SS7 signaling in AT&T s present long-distance network [5]. The territory of the United States is divided into a number of regions, and each region is equipped with a pair of STPs (only two regions are shown in Fig. 5.1-7). Each exchange with CCS trunks is a signaling end point and has an
(ICP) and offer space-resolved elemental and chemical analysis and an extended accessibility.5 Ion beam analyses in archaeometry6 have been between 5 and 10 % of the total in recent renowned topical conferences, an appreciable gure in a eld dominated, quite obviously, by the analysis of modern industrial materials. Applications of SR, have been until recently limited to the occasional use of a general-purpose beam line. However, the outstanding performance of second and third generation synchrotrons now begins to be used in a more systematic way even in dedicated facilities, like the newly established archaeometry laboratory at Daresbury.7 Ancient valuable samples are far from being ideal for the accelerator analyst. They often impose stringent exposure conditions to avoid any form of beam damage and an experimental geometry which con icts with the need of optimising the measurement sensitivity. Important recent evolutions have concerned the methodology with the aim of assuring quantitative well-controlled characterization of ancient artefacts, and of describing their texture.
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Figure 19.5 shows the effects of auto-sizing. Notice the two shaft holders. These are two instances of the same part, using different size configurations. When you drag the Smart Component over the small end of the stepped shaft, the configuration corresponding to that shaft size appears. As you drag the part along the shaft and the shaft diameter increases, the next-larger Smart Component configuration appears. This is part of the functionality of Smart Components. Each configuration of the Smart Component is set up to fit onto a range of shaft diameters. If the diameter of the shaft is outside of the range or between sizes, then the Smart Component is not applied.
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