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Hiding and unhiding the taskbar
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his book opened with the Information Architecture Principle, which stated that information must be made readily available. Optimization theory explains the dependencies between various optimization techniques. This final part puts optimization theory into action with practical optimization strategies. Schema design The first layer of optimization theory is the schema, discussed in s 1, 2 and 17. A clean schema that avoids over complexity enables better queries. Set-based queries Layer two makes the most use of the Query Optimizer. Part II devotes 10 chapters to writing set-based queries, and 20, Kill the Cursor! takes iterative programming head on. Indexing Indexes are the high-performance bridge between the schema and queries, so they depend on the schema design and setbased queries to be effective. 50 details analyzing query execution plans and tuning indexes. Concurrency Locking and blocking can be a cascading performance nightmare, but excellence in schema design, queries, and indexing yields short transaction durations and enables fine-tuning transactions and locks. Concurrency tuning is covered in 51, Managing Transactions, Locking, and Blocking. Advanced Scalability When the schema through the transactions are all optimized, and the database is providing its best performance, the true hardware requirements are known, and advanced scalability technologies such as table partitioning become effective. 53 digs into scaling very large databases. If SQL Server is the box, Part VI is about making the box scream.
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FIGURE 29.36
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The Bell System has available all of the important inventions with reference to commercial wireless telephony. For the usual commercial telephone services in the United States where wires are or can be provided, wireless from both a service and economic standpoint cannot be used. For the supplemental services which cannot be provided by wires, wireless will be used wherever the commercial demand will warrant such use. Telephone Almanac, American Telephone and Telegraph Company, 1922
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A firewall isn t just a tool for professional use. Every user, even at home, should hide behind a firewall. When incoming data reaches the firewall, it checks the data packets against a VIP list; if it checks out and is authorized, the firewall lets it through. Otherwise, the data is refused and discarded. This type of protection is absolutely essential, especially if you are a laptop user. Think of all the places you might connect your laptop for Internet access, especially with the dawn of Wi-Fi! Malware only needs to hit once to be lethal, don t adapt the it won t happen to me attitude. Microsoft has offered a bundled firewall since Windows XP Service Pack 2. In Vista, you can easily access it from the Windows Security Center by clicking on the link on the left side of the page. Although firewall is enabled by default, you should set your preferences quickly. In Vista, Microsoft decided to make a true firewall by featuring bidirectional filtering, but they also make you work for it. Bidirectional means that the firewall monitors both incoming and outgoing data. However, a number of corporate clients didn t want outgoing filtering because of the difficulties that it would cause with local IT security design and policies. So, by default, the firewall only monitors incoming data. If you want to use the more advanced firewall (see Figure 7.2), you ll have to hunt for it.
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In earlier CCS systems, error correction consisted of retransmitting a message signal unit that has incurred transmission errors. The retransmitted MSU arrived after MSUs that were sent later and did not incur errors (out-of-sequence delivery). Since the bit error rate on typical signaling links is in the range of 1024 to 1026, objective 3 dictates an error-correction procedure that does not cause outof-sequence message delivery. This is accomplished as follows. When a MTP2 receives a mutilated message signal unit, say, MSUm, it discards that MSU and all subsequently received MSUs, until it receives an error-free retransmitted copy of MSUm. Conversely, when the distant MTP2 receives the negative acknowledgment of MSUm, it retransmits that MSU and all subsequently sent MSUs. SS7 error correction is discussed in Sections 8.4 and 8.5. By eliminating the major cause of out-of-service MSU delivery, SS7 allows simpler (and more drastic) procedures to cope with the receipt of an out-of-sequence MSU.
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(10.78) (10.79) (10.80) (10.81) (10.82)
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are automatically displayed and this information is recorded for later transfer to a PC. Detection limits at 99.7 % con dence for a 1 min measurement for several sample types are reported in Table 5.3.5. The following applications were speci cally studied by NITON: lead in paint detection; soil contamination; site pro ling; con rming containment programmes; on-site analysis of dust wipe samples; screening of sludges and liquids; working exposure monitoring; air monitoring; coating and lter analysis.
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Understanding and Using Behavioral Targeting
The flags identify the basic function that the recipe will perform. Table 23-5 lists the flags that are available.
Contemporary carrier and service provider domains fall into three categories: local exchange, interexchange or national, and international. Competitive Access Providers (CAPs) sprang to life in the United States as a result of the Telecommunications Act of 1996 ( 15), focusing on the provisioning of direct access from the customer premises to the IXC through ILEC facilities bypass. Overlay carriers and wireless carriers also are relatively new entrants spawned by liberalization and deregulation movements that began in the mid-1980s and intensi ed considerably beginning in the mid-1990s. Customer Premises Equipment CPE, as is noted earlier in the chapter, is the terminal and switching equipment located on the customer premises. While such equipment traditionally was rented to the subscriber by the LEC, deregulation generally places both the privilege and the responsibility of ownership on the end user in most countries. Similarly, inside wire and cable generally are deregulated. Demarcation Point (demarc) The demarc constitutes the boundary between the end user and carrier domains. In a residential environment, the demarc is in the form of a Network Interface Unit (NIU). A NIU includes a protector, which serves to protect the premises wiring and equipment from aberrant voltages possibly induced by carrier power supplies, power utility transformers, or lightning strikes. Contemporary NIUs are intelligent, enabling telco technicians or automatic test systems to regularly test the integrity of the local loop from the CO to the customer premises. In the United States, the NIU is located outside the residence, perhaps on an outside wall or in the garage, because the regulated telco cannot place equipment inside the premises under the terms of the MFJ. (Note: On special request, the telco can install the demarc in a basement.) In a business environment or a multitenant building, the demarc is positioned at the Minimum Point of Entry (MPOE), de ned as the closest logical and practical point within the customer domain. In a high-rise of ce building, for example, it typically is de ned as a point of the entrance cable 12 in. from the inside wall. Newer entrance cable facilities involve a physical demarc, while older facilities typically are tagged by telco technicians in order to indicate a logical point of demarcation. From that point inward, the cable and wire system is the responsibility of the user or building owner, as appropriate. Local Exchange Carriers LECs provide local telephone service, usually within the boundaries of a metropolitan area, state, or province. Their primary charter is to provide local voice services through a network of local loops and COs, which can be connected either directly or through a tandem switch, as depicted in Figure 5.4. The LECs also provide short-haul, long-distance service, Centrex, certain enhanced services such as voice mail, and various data services. In the United States and many other developed nations, both Incumbent LECs (ILECs) and Competitive LECs (CLECs) exist. In many developing countries, only a single ILEC exists. ILECs are the original LECs, each of which was awarded by the regulatory authority a franchise to provide service within a given geographic area. In the United States, a municipal or county government originally awarded those franchises. Over time, the Bell Operating Companies (BOCs), owned by the AT&T Bell
Figure 4.A.11 Simulation C: LC balun with two added parts. CP1/2 = CS2 = CS3, 2LS1 = LP2 = LP3.
RoutingRequest Invoke (ROUTREQ). See Fig. 19.3-4. Par.14 and Par.15 hold MIN and MSN of the called MS. The BillingID, assigned by the home MSC of the called MS, is in Par.5. The identity and PC_SSN address of the home MSC are in Par.16 and Par.18.
This method also uses the Master Model techniques discussed in 28.
Signaling in Telecommunication Networks, Second Edition, by John G. van Bosse and Fabrizio U. Devetak Copyright # 2007 John Wiley & Sons, Inc.
Fig. 10.6
carriers to sell Windows Phones diversity is good in some cases it has also fleshed out a rigid set of hardware specifications for this platform. So if a device maker or wireless carrier wishes to sell Windows Phone devices, they must conform to the specs.
Setting the Default Database
easy to remove dents, scratches, or other imperfections using today s photo-editing software. This is one time that I recommend not correcting the imperfections. You should be honest about what you are selling instead of making the object awless.
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