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29 Persisting Custom Data Types
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This sample code pulls together techniques from many of the previous chapters: creating and dropping tables, case expressions, joins, and date scalar functions, not to mention the inserts and updates from this chapter. The example is long because it demonstrates more than just the update statement. It also shows the typical process of developing a complex update, which includes the following: 1. Checking the available data: The first select joins employee and dept, and lists all the columns required for the formula. 2. Testing the formula: The second select is based on the initial select and assembles the formula from the required rows. From this data, a couple of rows can be handtested against the specs, and the formula verified. 3. Performing the update: Once the formula is constructed and verified, the formula is edited into an update statement and executed.
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Educational Multimedia, Hypermedia and Telecommunications, pp. 1249 1253, Charlottesville, VA: Tampere, CE. Maxwell, C. (2000) The future of work understanding the role of technology, BT Technology Journal, 18: 1. Maybury, M., D Amore, R. and House, D. (2000) Automatic expert nding. International Journal of Technology Research Management, 43(6): 12 15 Mello, R. and Heuser, C. (2001) A rule-based conversion of a DTD to a conceptual schema, In Kunii, H., Jojodia, S. and Solvberg, A. (eds.), Conceptual Modeling ER 2001, LNCS 2224, pp. 133-148, Yokohama, Japan, November 27 30, Springer. McDonald, D. and Ackerman, M. S. (1998) Just talk to me: a eld study of expertise location. In Proceedings of the ACM Confrerence. on Computer Supported Cooperative Work (CSCW 98). McGuinness, D.L. (2000) Conceptual modelling for distributed ontology environment. In Proceedings of the Eighth International Conference on Conceptual Structures Logical, Linguistic, and Computational Issues (ICCS2000), Darmstadt, Germany, August 14 18. McGuinness,. D.L., Fikes, R., Rice, J. and Wilder, S. (2000) An environment for merging and testing large ontologies. In Proceedings of the Seventh International Conference on Principles of Knowledge Representation and Reasoning (KR2000). Breckenridge, CO, April 12 15. Miller, L. (2001) RDF squish query language and Java implementation. Public Draft, Institute for Learning and Research Technology. See Mitra, P., Wiederhold, G. and Kersten, M. (2000) A graph-oriented model for articulation of ontology interdependencies. In: Zaniolo, C., Lockemann, P., Scholl, M. and Grust, T. (eds.), Advances in Database Technology - EDBT 2000, 7th International Conference on Extending Database Technology, LNCS 1777, pp. 86 100, Konstanz, Germany, March 27 31, Springer-Verlag. Mladenic, D. (1999) Text-learning and related intelligent agents: a survey. IEEE Intelligent Systems 14(4): 44 54. Nejdl, W., Wolf, B., Staab, S. and Tane, J. (2002) EDUTELLA: Searching and Annotating Resources within an RDF-based P2P Network. In 1st International Workshop on Peer-to-Peer Systems (IPTPS02), submitted. Nonaka, I. (1994) A dynamic theory of organisational knowledge creation. Organisation Science, 5: 1. Noy, F.N. and Hafner, C.D. (1997) The state of the art in ontology design: a survey and comparative review. AI Magazine 4: 53 74. O Leary, D.E. and Studer, R. (eds.) (2001) Knowledge management, IEEE Intelligent Systems, 16(1). Omelayenko, B. and Fensel, D. (2002) Scalable document integration for B2B electronic commerce, Electronic Commerce Research Journal, submitted. OntoEdit, Oram, A. (ed.) (2001) Peer-to-peer: harnessing the bene ts of a disruptive technology, Sebastobol: O Reilly. Palmer, D.D. and Hearst, M.A. (1994) Adaptive sentence boundary disambiguation. In
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The manual approach works well if you are missing only a few bits of album art, but if you are missing multiple pieces of album art, then you ll want to use a more automated method. There are many ways to do this, but Windows Media Player includes a Find Album Info feature that, among other things, helps you add missing album art. To trigger this feature, navigate to an album that s missing album art in the Media Player media library, right-click the offending album, and choose Find album info. This displays the Find Album Info window. Find Album Info is pretty simple: choose the correct album from the available selections and you re off and running. However, this tool has a huge problem: it works on a track-by-track basis, even when you select an entire album and that s not automated enough. Instead of Find Album Info, try another right-click option, Update Album Info (unless, of course, you don t want Microsoft messing with your carefully massaged media files, in which case you ve probably skipped over this section anyway). Update Album Info is totally automated: if the online database that Microsoft licenses for Media Player has your album correctly listed, you should see the album art appear pretty quickly.
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Figure 9.8 FM spectrum.
Another concern for those creating a full data-audit history is the security of the data-audit trail. Anyone who has read rights to the audit table will be able to effectively see all the data from every audited table. If users will have the capability to see the data history for a given row, use a stored procedure to fetch the audit data so that security can be persevered.
FIGURE 30.1 A comparison between default features for Base Flange and Insert Bends
4. When the scanning process is complete, the wizard will show you how much space the data from each user account will take up (see Figure 2-25). You can click the Customize link under each account to customize what will be backed up. As you can see from Figure 2-26, the resulting window, Modify your selections, provides you with an Explorer-like view of the PC, allowing you to dive in and manually select (or deselect) content that will be backed up. When you re done, click Next.
Part IV: Digital Media and Entertainment
Figure 6.8. Examples of Nyquist filters T ( z ) ; (a) linear-phase; (b) shortoverall
buntu controls all access to files and folders with user accounts. If you re the only person using your Ubuntu workstation or server, then you won t have much need for this chapter. However, if you re in an environment where you have to control access for several users on a system, it s imperative that you know how Ubuntu handles privileges and how to create and manage user and group accounts. This chapter discusses the Ubuntu User Administration tool, the graphical tool for managing your system users and groups. It also discusses how to handle user and group management from the command-line prompt, in case you need to do that without the GUI tool. The chapter closes out by discussing how to manage user and group accounts to restrict access to files and folders and how you can use them to provide an access control environment for your Ubuntu system.
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You ll first need to configure your Samba server for your network. Follow these steps to start your server: 1. Open the smb.conf file in a text editor. If you re using the Ubuntu server installation from the console, you ll need to use a command-line editor such as vim. You can open the file using the vim editor using the command
Note: To ensure proper setup, see the section Select a Show Type and Show Options in this chapter.
Optimizing Search Strategies
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