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Animating with Key Points
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Many times, after placing an object on a slide, you will want to resize it to your liking. You can resize objects such as charts, WordArt, pictures, and shapes on your slide to optimize the visual impact.
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In Dreamweaver, you choose File Open. In the Open dialog box, select your file and click Open. If you are following along with the book s example, open makeover_11_01.html.
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corresponding to the four brighter spots and the ve lower amplitude regions corresponding to the dark spots. A broadcast television camera actually has 525 scan lines. The scan must be accomplished so fast that the human eye cannot see it. The 525 lines must be scanned in 0.33 s, and the beam must return to the top of the camera face and repeat the scanning process. Therefore, 63.5 ms are allowed for each line to be scanned across the camera. An interval of 12.5 ms of this time (H regions, Fig. 29.3c) is used for the scanning beam to return to scan the next line. The beam returns from the bottom to the top of the screen to repeat the complete scanning process in the interval marked V in the gure. Therefore, each line of the picture is scanned in 50 ms. Broadcast television has a resolution capability of 400 light and dark spots across one line. This must be scanned in 50 ms, so the highest frequency component, if the nest detail in the picture is used, is 4 MHz. In a normal broadcast television display, part of the screen contains large objects where the signal does not change from bright to dark over most of its scan. These regions give lower frequency components below 4 MHz, so the TV signal contains, (Fig. 29.3b) frequency components extending from 0 to 4 MHz. The concentration of signals at 3.5 MHz is the color information. The video signal for broadcast television requires 4 MHz of bandwidth. Recall that 1000 telephone calls can be multiplexed together into this same bandwidth. This is easy to remember by noting that one picture is worth a thousand words. The 525 lines could be scanned at a slower rate than 0.016 s, but then the picture would not seem to be continuously moving. However, a slower scan speed reduces the bandwidth requirements of the transmission system; this is used in video conferencing, where a series of views, rather than a continuously moving picture, are presented. An extreme example of slower scanning is the TV pictures sent back from the deep space planetary probes. One complete picture requires 5 min to transmit, because the signals are sent one line at a time over a 5 min interval. This must be done to reduce the bandwidth requirements in order to reduce noise. At the opposite extreme, more scan lines are used to obtain HDTV. The bandwidth requirements are greater than 4 MHz. At the receiving end, the process is reversed and the electrical signal is reconverted to a visual image in the TV monitor. The intensity of the electron beam as it scans the monitor is high when the signal is strong and low when the signal is weak. The stronger the electron beam is, the brighter the spot on the monitor. The picture is therefore reproduced as a series of bright and dark spots on the monitor face. Whether standard broadcast television or HDTV is considered, the video signals require a large bandwidth for their transmission, because they contain many more higher frequency components than a single telephone call does.
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Setting the white balance
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* These properties make reference to containment by this control; based on the hierarchy, one would conclude that this functionality is incorrect. Table 26-4 covers this in more detail.
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which reads, if x is greater than 5, then subtract 1 from x; if not, then add 1 to x. One of the reasons why this is considered a parlor trick is that this function causes the value of x to oscillate between two numbers (depending on the number that it starts with) with each rebuild. It may be difficult to imagine an application where this sort of behavior would be desirable, but when you combine it with a macro that simply rebuilds a model a number of times, you can use it to create a certain animation effect.
23 Implementing Triggers
System utilities are basically housekeeping tools for your PC. Using these applications helps keep your computer system properly organized by allocating space to the appropriate areas of your hard drive (Disk Defragmenter) and free of system errors and corrupt files (ScanDisk).
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