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steepest-descent algorithm to minimization of mean-squared error. The steepest-descent algorithm was rst introduced and named the least-mean-squared (LMS) algorithm by Widrow [Wid66, Pro89]. Figure 9.6 shows the implementation of discrete channel estimation using crosscorrelation. The reference signal is passed through a tapped-delay line (TDL), and the tapped signals are multiplied with the received signal and then passed through a bank of low-pass lters. To normalize the output of the lters to actual samples of the channel impulse response, one of the signals is scaled to 1/Eb , as indicated in Eq. (9.3.7). Figure 9.7 shows equalizer-like channel estimation using the LMS algorithm. Here the reference signal is passed through a TDL, and the channel tap gains are adjusted
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One thing is absolutely certain about SEO, whether or not you re using paid services: it s going to be a time-consuming process. Cutting corners is not an option, because the wrong SEO practices are far more detrimental to your site than doing nothing at all. When time isn t on your side, hiring an SEO professional is an option to consider. It s not at all unusual to hear about a company or web-site owner that s been scammed by a supposed SEO consultant who guaranteed them top placement in hundreds of search engines. It s just not possible that anyone, even an SEO expert, could guarantee they can put your site at the top of search engine rankings. Yet, there are many people claiming to be SEO experts who will tell you they can do just that. Don t believe them. Only a few accreditation programs exist for people who claim to be SEO experts. In most cases what happens is this: a web-site designer or owner who has had to create a site for SEO decides he or she can implement SEO for others for a profit. But just because these people have done SEO on their own sites doesn t mean they can plan SEO on your site in the most effective manner possible. Two accreditation programs are offered, by SEMPO ( and Bruce Clay, Inc ( So if the individual or firm that you re looking at to help with your SEO efforts claims to be an expert, ask if they have been accredited. In most cases, the answer will be no. You can contact both SEMPO and Bruce Clay and request a reference for an accredited SEO consultant. In most cases, it will take a team of people to perform proper SEO techniques for your site. That team might include someone to submit your site to directories and search engines, someone to create and
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First, you can choose to bypass the index and search various locations, but this type of search is much slower. Click beneath the Search box on the Index button to set where you want to search. If you click the down arrow in the Search box, you can elect to search the Internet or the index, and set various search options. Click Search Options to invoke the Folder Options window s Search tab shown in Figure 3.14.
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I don t think we fundraisers and nonpro ts have taken this message seriously enough. In fact, I think that a great number of us really don t want to hear it. Sure, we have improved our professionalism as a sector on a global level in the past few years we are more transparent and effective but we are often still pretty amateurish. If a major company had half of its new customers leave within 12 months, they d be going out of business pretty quickly, but that is the reality for a great many nonpro ts around the world. So rich people started taking things into their own hands, and we increasingly had to apply to their foundations for funding, rather than just nurturing and stewarding individual relationships. Think Bill and Melinda Gates. Even more so, think Warren Buffett. And it was the at world that provided the tools and the availability of information necessary to do all this. But then this trend of total choice and empowerment through the at world soon spread out of the domain of the mega-rich and started hitting the ordinary joes of this world the people who give for a variety of different reasons, and who probably nowadays increasingly go from one organization to another.
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Property Auto Create Statistics Level* D Graphic Control Management Studio Code Option ALTER DATABASE <DB Name> SET auto_create_statistics {ON | OFF} ALTER DATABASE <DB Name> SET auto_update_statistics {ON | OFF} EXEC sp_configure fill factor
1 Copy all of the images you wish to thumbnail into a separate folder (such as a gallery subfolder in your images subfolder).
5. The Wilson Learning Corporation, Eden Prairie, MN. 6. Douglas McGregor, The Human Side of Enterprise (New York: McGraw-Hill, 1960). 7. William G. Ouchi, Theory Z: How American Business Can Meet the Japanese Challenge (Reading, MA: Addison-Wesley, 1981). 8. Frederick Herzberg, Bernard Mausner, and Barbara Snyderman, The Motivation to Work (New York: Wiley, 1959). 9. Alfie Kohn, Punished by Rewards (Boston: Houghton Miff lin, 1993). 10. P. Hersey and K. H. Blanchard, Management of Organizational Behavior: Utilizing Group Resources (Englewood Cliffs, NJ: Prentice Hall, 1993). 11. The Wilson Learning Corporation, Eden Prairie, MN. 12. Consulting Psychologists Press, Inc., Palo Alto, CA. 13. Stephen R. Covey, The Seven Habits of Highly Effective People (New York: Simon & Schuster, 1989), p. 241. 14. David Keirsey and Marilyn Bates, Please Understand Me, Character & Temperament Types (Del Mar, CA: Prometheus Nemesis Book Company, 1984). PART FOUR 1. Don Hammonds, Hyundai Goes from Also-Ran to Most Reliable, Pittsburgh Post-Gazette (March 26, 2005). 2. Joann Muller and Robyn Meredith, Last Laugh: How Hyundai s Carmaking Prowess Went from Punchline to Powerhouse: And Is Shaking Up the World s Auto Industry, Forbes (April 18, 2005). 3. John G. Spooner, Intel s CEO Wants an Employee Attitude Check, ZDNet News (July 27, 2004). 4. Joann Muller and Robyn Meredith, Last Laugh: How Hyundai s Carmaking Prowess Went from Punchline to Powerhouse and Is Shaking Up the World s Auto Industry, Forbes (April 18, 2005). CHAPTER 19 1. Kevin Forsberg and Hal Mooz, The Relationship of System Engineering to the Project
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