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23.3.2 Interframe Prediction
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Preparing for an Active Directory Implementation
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The catalog shows the categories of products that are available on the site. As you can see, there s a fair amount of fictional text; this isn t meant as the real thing (in fact, there would end up being no less than nine categories). For the left sidebar, shown in Figure 10.6, there s a navigation list showing all the same category names. This will be used in subsequent category detail pages. On this page, I m showing the products that appear within the category. Each product has a small thumbnail image, along with the name of the product. The left-hand sidebar shows the current category highlighted; the user can click any category name to view those products. When you click on any of these items, you go to the product detail page, as shown in Figure 10.7.
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support can enlist others to the cause but whose opposition even quietly can undermine the entire endeavor. A critical sponsor may be: An influential direct report of the buyer. A union officer. A highly successful salesperson. A major customer. An informal, respected leader.
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his chapter reviews the installation of Windows Server 2008. It discusses a number of hardware con gurations and setup options and reviews potential obstacles. Several recipes are discussed in this chapter, and most of them use minimum hardware requirements; keep that in mind when ordering your server. We also explain how to achieve a fresh install or upgrade with different server con gurations, installation of the Server Core image, and installation of the base OS with Windows Server 2008 GUI. We will have a look at Server Manager and the variety of server roles and features it allows you to install. Several other topics, including SQL Server, ASP, IIS, and Exchange, are also covered to help you understand how they are incorporated into Windows Server 2008.
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Defining the Loop Wrangling the Loop with plugins Developing custom and multiple Loops Using Loops strategically
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Figure A.18
Having Fun: Windows Phone and Games
Part I
The 3D sketch is an important tool for creating weldments (and many other features) in SolidWorks. Structural frames are a large part of the work that is typically done using weldment functionality in SolidWorks, and frames are often represented as 3D wireframes. You can do this with a combination of 2D sketches on different planes, with a single 3D sketch, or with a combination of 2D and 3D sketches. If you have confidence in your ability to use 3D sketches, then that is the best way to go. 3D sketches can be challenging, but they are certainly manageable if you know what to expect from them.
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