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Change Control, Group Policy, and Workspace Management
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Creating and Using Libraries
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ACRONYMS Augmented Bakus Naur form Application transport mechanism Application server Abstract Syntax Notation One Application server process Application transport parameter Bearer-control protocol Bearer-control function Bearer-Control Tunneling Protocol Border element Basic encoding rules Bearer Independent Call Control Bearer interworking function Bearer and media control Backbone network connection Backbone network connection identi er Backward sequence number Channel-associated signaling Call bearer control Call-control unit Call instance code Connectionless data transfer Call mediation node Connection-oriented data transfer Continuity test Carrier return followed by line feed Capability set Call serving function Contributing sources Dynamic Host Con guration Protocol Data link connection identi er Domain name system Envelope function address
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Web controls generate HTML code based upon specified functionality and the client's browser type and version. Not all browsers are made the same way. All browsers support a specified level of HTML, but both Microsoft and Netscape found it in their best interests to develop tag specifications beyond what HTML offered. Because it wasn't always the case that the other companies followed suit in adopting these extensions, you could never be sure if the page you generated would render the same in the other browser. When developing Web pages with Web controls, you are not developing specific HTML that the browser reads and interprets; instead, you are developing controls for the server. The server then detects the browser and renders the appropriate code for that specific browser. Traditionally, the developers would develop their Web page for the lowest common denominator the lowest browser version that would possibly come to their site. This isn't a concern when developing a site with Web controls now, however. The server always renders the appropriate code. Today, developers can build for the latest and greatest browser, and include the functionality they always wanted to include in their pages, but didn't because they had to build for older browser versions.
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Web Services can exchange messages by using the HTTP-GET and HTTP -POST protocol. These are standard messages of the HTTP protocol that enable the exchange of information as name/value pairs. HTTP -GET passes name/value pairs as UUencoded text appended to the URL of a request. This method of passing para- meters is referred to as a query string. Figure 44-1 shows an example of a URL with a query string.
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Active Directory objects are based on the hierarchical nomenclature defined through DNS. This means that accessing anything in Windows 2000 and Active Directory is completely dependent on DNS integration. This includes workstations finding logon servers, managing objects, and accessing objects that are contained within the directory structure. The directory itself is, in its simplest form, a name hierarchy based on
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Prede ned accounts
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Reserved Reserved Node-local scope Link-local scope Site-local scope Organization-local scope Global scope Unassigned
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Using a forming tool to create a cross break is overkill for most situations. You may need to do it if you need to actually show the indented geometry. The Cross Break feature is essentially a cosmetic cross break, and it enables you to specify the radius, angle, and direction used to create the cross break. It does not actually change the part geometry at all, but it does add two curve-like display entities.
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EXEC [Noli\SQL2].OBXKites.dbo.pProductCategory_AddNew Food , Eatables
If you replace your Toolbox parts with the Toolbox parts from the client, then you may experience the same problem in reverse if you had configs that your client did not. In the end, it would be great to be able to merge the two parts to combine all of the available sizes into a single file. There is a way of doing that, which I will describe later. Files that have the same names and different content are at the top of the list of things you shouldn t do in file management, and yet the SolidWorks Toolbox system frequently creates this very situation.
To toggle to Full Screen mode, press the F11 key. To toggle the toolbar display, press the F10 key (see Figure 2.18). To toggle the FeatureManager display, press the F9 key. to MCDC50 to MCDC69
Torn-Page Detection
FSCL 477 43.8 19.8 0.92
Database Mirroring
Editing and Evaluation
CHAPTER 3 Storage
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