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Change Text Color You can use text color for both design and practical purposes. The slide text color should be attractive to the eye. Most important, the text color should provide good contrast against the background of your slides so your audience can easily read the text. You can also use color on text for emphasis.
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Figure 9P.2 (a) Equivalent circuit for transistor to be matched; (b) complete equivalent circuit for matched transistor following impedance transform up to 50 Q .
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Web Service method calls can fail for any of a number of reasons. The method itself may throw an exception due to missing or invalid arguments, a runtime execution error (such as divide by zero), or other types of logic errors. In addition to method-specific exceptions, the framework itself may cause an exception to be thrown, such as when a communication failure occurs or a request message is malformed. In either case, it is extremely important that Web Service consumers bracket all Web Service method calls inside try/catch blocks. When consuming Web Services using the SOAP protocol, ASP.NET will throw SOAP exceptions to indicate the occurrence of runtime errors. The .NET Framework defines a SOAPException class in the System.Web.Services.Protocols namespace that Web Service consumers use when calling Web Service methods over SOAP. When an exception occurs in a Web Service, ASP.NET determines whether or not the client called the Web Service method using SOAP. If SOAP is identified as the message protocol, ASP.NET wraps the exception that occurred into a SOAPException and sets the Actor and Code properties accordingly. The VB .NET code snippet shown in Listing 50-2 provides an example usage of the SOAPException class: Listing 50-2: Catching SOAP Exceptions
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Returns the e-mail address for the admin set in Settings General. Returns the Atom 1.0 feed URL for the blog. Returns the character set encoding designated in Settings Reading. Returns the Atom feed URL for an individual post/entry. Returns the RSS feed URL for an individual post/entry. Returns the tagline set for a blog in General Settings. Returns the HTML header information. Will always be text/html unless modified by plugin. Returns the language code designated for the blog. Defaults to en-US. To localize a blog, see the procedures outlined in 5. Returns the name of the blog as defined in Settings General. Returns the XML-RPC URL used to assist remote sources in autodiscovery of where to send pingbacks. Returns the XML-RPC information needed for auto-discovery of XML-RPC server capabilities. Returns the RSS 2.0 URL for the blog. Returns the RSS 0.92 URL for the blog. Deprecated. Identical to url . Returns the URL to the directory containing the active theme. Returns the URL to the style.css file of the active theme. Identical to the stylesheet_url , but semantically means point to the folder for the theme instead of point to the folder that contains the stylesheet, even though they are the same thing. Identical to template_directory . Returns the direction of how text is read on a blog. Defaults to ltr (left to right) unless the blog uses a language (such as Arabic) that is printed rtl (right to left). Returns the URL for the blog. Preferred over the deprecated home and siteurl but functions identically. Returns the current version of WordPress. Returns the URL for the WordPress root directory.
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