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BY ANDREW LEVITCH I rst became familiar with the power of simulation while in the US Navy serving on board the USS Daniel Webster (a ballistic missile submarine) in the early 1980s. We weren t using computer models to run simulations, but did them manually. The scenarios that we simulated included ones like being detected by an enemy submarine, getting the order to re our missiles, and dealing with situations in which the submarine sustained damage from re, ooding, or a host of other possible malfunctions. My exposure to this type of simulation formed the basis for my philosophy in running complex computer simulations. It is not important to get the input variables exactly right. It is important that you understand the relationships between the input variables and that you capture all of the possible relationships when modeling the outputs.
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Part III
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Signal Velocitya (km/s) 300,000 299,890 180,000 240,000 226,000 210,000 205,000 200,000 135,000 180,000
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The following lemma is crucial for establishing that near 00 the scaled sum ( l / f i ) $(x2, asymptotically behaves like (1/+) 0) $(xi, 00) fiA(0). That is, asymptotically, the randomness of the sum sits in an additive term only, and the systematic part fiA(0) is typically smooth even if +(xz,0) is not. In particular, if A(Q) is differentiable at 80,then the scaled sum ( l / f i ) $(xi<0) asymptotically is linear in 8.
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5: Extending WordPress with Plugins
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Data Images Indexed Data Files Encoded Data Numeric Data
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25.1 NOISE FIGURE MEASUREMENT SETUP AND PROCEDURE A typical noise gure measurement setup is shown in Figure 25.1. The setup consists of a noise diode and either a noise gure meter or a spectrum analyzer with noise gure measurement hardware and software. In either case, the user interface and setup are generally the same. The noise diode acts as the signal source for the DUT. A 28 V control signal from the instrument turns the noise diode on to take the hot measurement and off to take the room temperature measurement. The ENR is either printed on the side of the diode and has to be manually input into the measurement setup or automatically downloaded from a ROM chip when the diode is rst connected to the instrument. A preampli er with good noise gure and gain characteristics is inserted before the input of the spectrum analyzer. The gain from this ampli er will mask the noise gure of the instrument components that follow. On newer instruments, the preampli er is built in and turned on by default when performing noise gure measurements. The setup of the measurement consists of setting the start and stop frequencies, and, if necessary, inputting the corresponding ENR values. Next, calibration is performed by taking a sweep with the diode connected directly to the instrument input (or external preampli er input on older instruments). This measures the noise gure of the instrument itself, which can then be calculated out of the nal measurement of the DUT by using the formulas for cascaded noise gure.
Working with Tables and Drawings
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The centre of gravity of four points
Microsoft maintains a list of Windows Home Server add-ins on its Web site (www add-ins.mspx) but there s a better list on the Home Server plus Web site (www
In such a case, we will also get a distribution of the BER; note that this distribution is for a xed transmit power. From these considerations, we arrive at the concept of outage probability. For many applications, it is not important what the exact value of the BER is, as long as it stays below a certain threshold. For example, a le transfer is successful as long as the raw BER is small enough so that errors can be corrected by the error correction coding in other words, a long as a certain threshold raw BER (typically on the order of a few percent) is not exceeded. It is then meaningful to determine the percentage of locations where successful le transfer will not be available. This percentage is known as outage probability. In some situations, the memory is long enough to see multiple realizations of the small-scale fading, but only one realization of the large-scale fading. In this case, an outage occurs if the small-scale averaged BER lies below a certain threshold, and the probability for such an outage to occur is determined by the large-scale fading statistics only. Computation of outage probability becomes much simpler if we de ne not a maximum BER but rather a minimum SNR 0 , for the system to work properly. We can then nd the outage probability as Prout = P ( < 0 ) =
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