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Analog Adjunct
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Automating Drawings: The Basics
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Reliability Monitor
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An example of how stop words are ignored in a search query is the search term the sunny beach. As shown in Figure 5-7, when this search term is used on Google, the word the is ignored (as indicated by its solid black coloring, and lack of linking). The words sunny beach, then, are the only words that are included in the search (as indicated by the blue lettering of the words and the fact that they are links).
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Wireless Communications
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Figure 4.25 Simulation setup for testing impedance Z2.
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or minimize cross coupling of fields. Certain cables located on the bottom of the cell can be covered with conductive tape if exposure of these cables to high levels of RF fields is to be avoided. All cables will be exposed simultaneously to the RF energy when located internal to the cell. Step 3. Connection of the TEM cell to the EUT. Depending on the test plan, connection to an appropriate RF power source (including the amplifier) must occur to establish required field levels inside the TEM cell. Some TEM cells have provision for field intensity monitors to be secured inside the chamber. Other cells require location of a sensor adjacent to the EUT. Regardless of the method chosen, it is important to know the field intensity level. This power level can also be measured at the input terminal of the TEM cell and calculated per the manufacturer s instructions. Step 4. Conducting the test per the test plan or product specification. Activate the EUT in its worst-case mode of operation. Verify that monitoring sensors and equipment are functional. Turn on power and set to the desired power level. The output level of the amplifier is adjusted to ensure a constant level at all frequencies. Sufficient dwell time must occur at each frequency and power level to guarantee that any response from the device under test has time to respond to the high-intensity field levels. This is the most difficult part of the test, especially if there is no window to observe the unit visually. Conduct testing in different orientations inside the TEM cell as required by the test standard and procedure. After any engineering modifications have been implemented, the entire sequence of tests must be repeated. For Radiated Emissions. The purpose of a TEM cell for radiated emission testing is to ascertain the magnitude of energy that is propagated in the TEM mode from the EUT. The exact location from which the energy is coming cannot be determined. By measuring the energy level, quantitative analysis on the spectral profile becomes possible. Limitations regarding the size of the EUT and useful upper frequency of the TEM cell are applicable for both immunity and emission testing. A simple procedure for conducting radiated emission testing is provided below, based on the configuration of Figure B.26: Step 1. Position equipment centrally in the upper half of the TEM cell in a typical configuration with worst-case cable placement (same as for immunity testing). Step 2. Install AC mains power and I/O cables (same as for immunity testing). Step 3. Connect the TEM cell to the monitoring equipment. The type of information desired from testing determines the type of instrumentation required. To ascertain the equivalent free-space radiated electric field from the EUT, the setup in Figure 4.21 can be used. Typical receivers include a spectrum analyzer, precision RF voltmeter, or power meter. For time-domain information, the receiver is replaced by a simple oscilloscope or receiver/recorder. Step 4. Record the radiated emission. For accuracy in determining the location of the leak point of the EUT, EMI tests must be performed on all six axes of the EUT. This requires manual manipulation of the system after each test.
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In the above narrow-band channel environment, the quality of the channel was determined by the short-term SNR of the received burst, which was then used as a criterion in order to choose the appropriate modulation mode forthe transmitter, based on a list of switching threshold levels, 1, [158-1601. However, in a wideband environment, this criterion is not an accurate measure for judging the quality of the channel, where the existence of multi-path components produces not only power attenuation of the transmission burst, but also intersymbol interference. Consequently, appropriate channel quality criteria have to be defined, in order to estimate the wideband channelquality for invoking the most appropriate modulation mode.
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The intersect and except keywords are new to SQL Server 2005. While the getting the correct results for an intersection or difference union was possible using SQL Server 2000, they required some workaround code. (The workaround code is in the chapter code file if you re interested.)
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SolidWorks Basics
Figure 13.10 Cumulative distribution function of the normalized instantaneous signal-to-noise ratio / for received-signal-strength-indication-driven selection diversity (solid), and maximum ratio combining (dashed) for Nr = 1, 2, 3. Note that for Nr = 1, there is no difference between diversity types.
The condition allows you to set an equation that, when true, causes Ruby to exit the while loop, even if the while condition hasn t been met. Here s what the break statement looks like in the code:
FIGURE 31.28
Part II
Increment 3 Evolutionary Development
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