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Professional designers understand the intelligent use of white space areas of the composition that don t contain content. White space provides a break for the eyes and helps separate content in the visual hierarchy. It s not necessarily white in color either; white space is just an area that doesn t contain anything. The eye gravitates toward designs that give it room to breathe. There are a number of ways to increase white space in your design:
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Figure 7.3 Class B power ampli er and its waveforms.
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Signaling in Telecommunication Networks, Second Edition, by John G. van Bosse and Fabrizio U. Devetak Copyright # 2007 John Wiley & Sons, Inc.
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Yes. Draw any shape and then click Shape Fill on the Drawing Tools Format tab to select the blue fill color you want to use. Then right-click the shape and click Set as Default Shape. Shapes you insert will now appear in blue.
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The Viewing Area
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A logical true or false value used for testing the validity of statements An absence of value Any number without quotes A language construct composed of functions and properties
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FIGURE 20.19 Projection angle symbol blocks
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When you re using an attribute from a CSS, however, it s easy enough to incorporate it into your web page. The following is a snippet of HTML that uses a cascading style sheet to define the heading colors for a web page:
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divide by c, and then differentiate with respect to c:
As you might expect, it's entirely possible to create and consume Web Services without the infrastructure and services provided by the .NET Framework and Visual Studio .NET (although it's much easier to do so with their support). Since Web Services are based on XML, HTTP, and SOAP, all you need to create or consume Web Services are implementations of these technologies. This is precisely what Microsoft has done with the Microsoft SOAP toolkit. The Microsoft SOAP toolkit supplies the technologies and tools needed to build and deploy Web Services using Visual Studio 6.0 as the development environment, along with the familiar COM programming model. In addition to building Web Services that can
Procedure for Network Analyzer Preset the instrument Measurement setup and calibration Measure S21. Set the start and stop frequencies to 2 and 3 GHz, respectively. Set the power level of the source to 27 dBm. Attach a 10 dB pad to the end of the cable on port 2 of the network analyzer Perform a response calibration. Notes We assume that we are starting with one measurement being displayed. This will measure the gain of the device.
However, the time dispersive channel (multipath channel) h(n) = 0.8 0.6 will affect the orthogonality between the two codes. The received signal is the linear convolution of the impulse response and the transmitted signal (assuming that the channel is linear and time invariant); e.g.,
Core, Con guration, Networking, and Communication Services
Broadband field sensors. (Photographs courtesy of Credence Technologies.)
14: Assembly Configurations and Display States
5: Using Visualization Techniques
Very small errors can cause special functionality in SolidWorks not to work, and repairing it is not always straightforward.
So in the world of the haves and have-nots, SkyDrive users are decidedly in the have-not camp. But that doesn t mean you can t access SkyDrive-based documents from Windows Phone. You just have a bit more work to do. Here s how to make it happen. ConnECTing To youR SkydRivE-baSEd doCumEnTS The first step is to connect to your SkyDrive-based document repository, which can be found at on either the PC or the phone. You ll need to use Internet Explorer to access this site, and then log on with your Windows Live ID if it s not already set to auto-logon.
FIGURE 13.24
The scribed part in the previous figure was created on a conical surface body. The surface was then thickened as a separate body and patterned.
5. Click the title of the playlist to which you would like to add the song or video.
10.2.3 Device Design Considerations for High-Performance Digital CMOS As we can see from Eqs. 10.2-10.6, the performance figure of merit (FOM) of a given CMOS technology is a function of the following factors: drive currents (Idrve and Ie), gate capacitance (Cgate and Cgate, which are a function of the gate oxide thickness tox), junction capacitance (Cj), interconnect capacitance (Cinterconnect), gate sheet resistance (R' and R'sh), and layout (which affects the geometric factors bn
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