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Unfortunately, there s a limited amount of space on the LiveCD and alternative CD, so Ubuntu can t include every software package in the default installation. However, if your workstation is connected to the Internet (see 14, Networking ), you can easily retrieve additional software packages from Ubuntu servers for installation. Ubuntu maintains multiple servers that contain software packages for downloading. These servers are called software repositories. Ubuntu maintains different repositories for different applications. You must configure your Ubuntu system to interact with the software repositories you want to use.
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If you followed my instructions in 2, you should have a brand-new installation of Ubuntu Linux in a virtual machine. Because it s a desktop-style installation, you have all the normal stuff (such as a graphical interface, office software, Internet applications, and games) but none of the server stuff, such as an SSH server. Using the skills you picked up in the last chapter, installing the server is easy. Open Terminal in your Ubuntu virtual machine. At the command prompt (here, it s shown as aaron@ubuntutest:~$), type the following:
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S21 Two-port Block S11 PIB, PAVB S22
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Print menu 1
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Playing with Photos, Videos, and Recorded TV Shows
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33 When (Time): Like the Date field, the Time field provides a sliding picker UI, though this time of course it s a time picker with individual Hour, Minute, and AM/PM items. It works identically to the date picker. 33 How long: This field determines the duration of the appointment. When tapped, the How Long interface appears. As shown in Figure 11-15, you can choose between various durations, including 0 minutes, 30 minutes, 1 hour, All Day, and more. 33 More Details: Tapping this button reveals several additional fields. These include: 33 Reminder: Here, you can specify when the phone will remind you about the appointment in question. By default, the reminder is set to 15 minutes, meaning 15 minutes before the start of the appointment. But you can set this to any one of a number of values between None and 1 week. code39 free
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Untrim is predictably the opposite of Trim. All it does is remove the boundary from a surface. It can remove the boundary selectively (one edge at a time, interior edges only, and so on) or remove all the edges at once. Untrim even works on imported geometry, as described in the tutorial in 26. Figure 27.1 shows how Untrim works.
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You can either hide or show different types of entities in groups by using the View menu. Hide All Types hides everything, and disables the options for individual entity types to be used.
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This opens a drop-down menu, like the one shown in Figure 11-17.
BCCH BCH CCCH CQI DCCH DCI DL-SCH DwPTS DTCH HSPA LTE MBMS MB-SFN MCCH MCH MIB MME MTCH Broadcast Control CHannel Broadcast CHannel Common Control CHannel Channel Quality Indicator Dedicated Control CHannel Downlink Control Information Downlink Shared CHannel Downlink Pilot Time Slot Dedicated Traf c CHannel High Speed Packet Access Long-Term Evolution Multimedia Broadcast and Multicast Services Multicast/broadcast in a single-frequency network Multicast Control CHannel Multicast CHannel Master Information Block Mobility Management Entity Multicast Traf c CHannel
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The Filter function returns a zero-based array containing a subset of a string array based on specified filter criteria. The Filter function has four arguments: Source: A required one-dimensional array of strings to be searched. Match: A required string to search for. Include: An optional Boolean value indicating whether to return substrings that include or exclude Match. Compare: An optional numeric value indicating the kind of string comparison to use. The CompareMethod.Binary or CompareMethod.Text constants can be passed to indicate a text or binary match on the match string. Dim intX As Integer Dim strArr(2) As String strArr(0) = "We" strArr(1) = "were" strArr(2) = "Relaxing" Dim subArr1() As String = Filter(strArr, "we", True, _ CompareMethod.Text) For intX = 0 To UBound(subArr1) MessageBox.Show(subArr1(intX)) Next
Band Group 3
Exclude From Source Control
21: Working with Drawing Views
If your only problem with your power supply is that you ve run out of connectors to plug new devices into, and if your power supply is hale and hearty (see How Many Watts later in this chapter), a short trip to the local radio and electronics store is all you need. Pick yourself up a Yadapter (as shown in Figures 8.2 and 8.3) that turns a single power supply connector into two connectors. The installation is so simple that I m not even going to break it out into a numbered list of steps: Just plug the Y-adapter into an available socket, and you re done.
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