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Multiple runners or curves in parallel: In order to reduce the area of IC die, it is quite popular on the digital IC layout with multiple runners or curves in parallel as shown in Figure 16.A.1.
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2 rm + ( x1 + xm ) = rm, 2
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Adding text and tolerances to dimensions using the Dimension Palette
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Using Certi cate Services to share encrypted data requires you to install a public key infrastructure (PKI) and establish a Windows 2000, Windows Server 2003, or Windows Server 2008 network as a local or private Certi cate Authority (CA). We introduce Windows PKI in 16.
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Figure 3.7 Connecting the data cable to the new drive
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An optional multiple access mechanism (MAC protocol) adopted by the IEEE 802.11 family of standards. The mechanism eliminates contention on a broadcast wireless link by allowing an access point to poll each individual user for data. This in contrast to the DCF method, in which each user, including the access point, makes its own decision to transmit.
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Controlling configurations of inserted parts
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2. Select the appropriate folder from the right column of the Start menu.
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Figure 6.21. SEM micrographs of AACVD grown CuInS2 thin lms: (a) cross-sectional image of lm I, (b) plane-view image of lm III (inset at higher magni cation), (c) plane-view image of lm IV, and (d) plane-view image of lm V.
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ANSI Warnings
The Flaw of Averages and Some Hot Button Issues
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Expanding somewhat on the discussion about whether or not to keep the training assembly file, here is a little exercise that you can try. Make a Smart Component by going through the preceding steps, by using the following tutorial, or by creating one of your own. Just make a simple one with perhaps one associated component and an in-context feature. Then go ahead and delete the training assembly. With the defining assembly gone, there appears to be no way to edit the setup of the Smart Component. RMB click the Smart Feature folder in the FeatureManager of the Smart Component, and select Edit in Defining Assembly, as shown in Figure 19.16. What happens next is that SolidWorks recreates the defining assembly from the data that is stored in the Smart Component. This assembly is saved in a system temp folder using the name <Smart Component name>_ta.sldasm. If the Smart Component uses an in-context feature, it is saved to the temp directory as a library feature file using the name of the dummy part, and appending _lf to the filename, for example, Dummy_lf.sldlfp.
The Display applet in no longer available on its own. It has been moved into the Personalization applet. It still, however, enables you to con gure desktop settings such as wallpaper, background, color scheme, color depth, and desktop size (resolution). You also can con gure a screen saver, enable and con gure Web effects, and set general desktop effects and settings. If the system contains multiple display adapters, you can con gure settings for each as well as con gure how each adapter ts into the desktop.
station, it was necessary to consider more than one performance metric. For example, an algorithm may perform very well in one respect, yet have poor performancewhen measured using an alternative metric. Therefore, it was decided to invoke two different scenarios:
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