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In addition to sketch relations, dimensions applied using the Smart Dimension tool are also part of the parametric scheme. If you apply an angle dimension (by clicking the two angled lines with the Smart Dimension tool) about the origin and try dragging again, as shown in Figure 1.24, you see that the only aspect that is not locked down is the length of the sides. Notice also that when the angle dimension is added, another line turns black.
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Each run of the loop produces a table row on the page. Within each cell of the row, you output the correct field from the database. To make things a little more interesting, I have applied a function to the name of the team. This function, color_team(), outputs the name of the team for you, coloring the text red or green depending on whether it s the loser or winner of the game. When writing a function, you have to think about what information it needs to accomplish its task. In this case, you have to provide three arguments: the team at issue, the score they earned, and the score their opponent earned. With that, you can determine whether your team won or lost and then act accordingly. I also placed this function in html_fns.php. Add this to the bottom of that file:
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6. Schedule the job that will back up the transaction log by setting the job s name, time, and frequency. A shorter duration between transaction log backups will minimize the amount of data that could be lost.
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The study of the variation of n, W and F with the X-ray energy E is of great importance, since it affects the energy calibration and energy resolution of any gaseous X-ray detector, either of the PC or GPSC type. It was shown5 that n varies almost linearly with E except near the L and K photoionization thresholds, where n exhibits discontinuities approaching 1 % (Figures 4.2.5 and 4.2.6). Agreement between Monte Carlo calculations and experimental measurements5,6 is clearly seen. These effects result from the fact that when photoionization of a new shell becomes energetically possible, this shell is more likely to be photoionized than the other (outer) shells and so a new set of decaying channels becomes possible with new uorescence X-rays and Auger/Coster Kronig electron spectra.5 Note that, besides discontinuities, these effects can originate false peaks in an otherwise at X-ray
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Part VII
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Customizing Active Directory Using the Schema
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Backup Status and Configuration
Figure 30.10 User diversity.
0, 1, 1, n
An alternative to displaying the flyout FeatureManager is splitting the FeatureManager, as shown in Figure B.39.
The SWITCH function enables you to have a list of relationships with associated values. The value of the first relationship in the list that is satisfied is returned by the SWITCH function. For example,
Part III: Working with Themes and Template Tags
Timeslot Timeslot #0 #1
The permissions can be audited for successful use or failed use. For example, you may have set your accounting program s database file to full permission for yourself and denied permission to everyone else. You may want to audit failed read, write, execute, and delete permissions on the file. While it s conceivable that some of the other permissions may be attempted, you don t need to carry the paranoia too far, unless your company s policies regarding sensitive information require it. In that case, it s most likely that audits have been applied at a group policy level anyway. But it s always nice to know that you can audit so many things that you ll know when the file so much as sneezes without your permission.
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