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No other additional user accounts have been added to the list, with the exception of certain accounts that are added with the installation of particular services; for example, Terminal Services.
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Rc 1 = Rc 2 = Rc . where F1 = ratio of collector to emitter current of Q1, F2 = ratio of collector to emitter current of Q2, Rc1 = collector resistor of Q1, Rc2 = collector resistor of Q2. Then, from equations (3.46) to (3.47), we have Vbe 1 = VT ln Ic1 V I S 1 + ce VA Ic 2 V I S 1 + ce VA ,
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A user pro le comprises a registry le and a set of folders. The registry le applies settings to the UI such as mapped drives, restrictions, desktop contents, screen colors and fonts, and so on, and is a cached copy of the HKEY_CURRENT_USER portion of the registry. The folders include the user s My Documents, My Pictures, and other folders stored under the Documents and Settings folder for the user. The three types of pro les are personal, mandatory, and default. Personal pro les enable users to modify their working environments and retain those changes from one logon session to the next. Mandatory pro les enable certain con guration changes (subject to restrictions in the pro le itself), but those changes are not saved for future logon sessions. The only difference between a personal pro le and a mandatory pro le is the pro le s le extension. Personal pro les use a .dat extension for the registry le portion of the pro le, and mandatory pro les use a .man extension. A default pro le is precon gured by Windows Server 2008 and is applied for new users that log on with no pre-existing pro le. The pro le then is stored as the user s pro le for later logon sessions. You specify a user s pro le through the user s account properties when you create or modify the account. You use the Local Users and Groups MMC console to create and modify local
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9. Send in that warranty card. This step may be required for you to cash in on the manufacturer s equipment protection guarantee, should your PC ever sustain power-related damage when connected to the backup unit.
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5.6 A great advantage to zoom lenses is the ability to recompose the scene without having to move. I was able to get one shot of this musician playing in San Diego s Balboa Park with his surroundings and one close-up without having to intrude on his playing.
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was to take their company public. To achieve this end, the Wrong brothers realized the need to y large numbers of passengers great distances. Furthermore, they understood that these passengers would need to relieve themselves during the journey. Therefore, the Wrong brothers rst proud step was the construction of a fully functional outhouse, which they unveiled at an elaborate public relations event.
FIGURE 12.19 The starting state and the state as of Step 4
To assign a thickness or a style, you can select the sketch entities to be changed, press the button, and select the thickness or style. Although a single sketch entity may have only a single thickness or style, you can use multiple thicknesses or styles within a single sketch. Figure 6.12 shows a sketch with the thickness and style edited.
By forcing users to log on to their own workstations, you are by omission barring them from logging on locally to any other machines. Of course, you can restrict the local logon at the target machine. Unlock Account. This option is selected if the account has been locked (such as because of repeated entry of an incorrect password). Clear the checkbox to enable the user to log on. Account Options. This is where you set password policies. To comply with the Millennium City password policy, you can select the User Cannot Change Password and Password Never Expires checkboxes. Choose a secure password for the user. Then, con gure additional options as described in the following list (note that these properties are better set through Group Policy): User Must Change Password at Next Logon. The user is prompted to change his password at the next logon. User Cannot Change Password. This option prevents the user from changing her password.
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FIGURE 4.1 A simple machined part
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