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Working with Part Configurations
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To support spatial scalability, one performs a multilayered coding of each spatial scale, where each spatial scale support conventional motion-compensated prediction as well as an interlayer prediction. There are a number of ways to perform the interlayer prediction in a multiscale framework. One method is to simply up-sample the reference data in the lower layer and use the up-sampled data for prediction. Another method is to infer block-level data such as the motion vectors from lower reference layers. Finally, the residual from the lower reference layer could also be used to predict the residual that is derived at the higher spatial layer. All three forms of interlayer prediction are supported by the H.264 standard. Another major innovation in this standard to overcome the complexity issues that have plagued past standards was to constrain the interlayer prediction so that single-loop decoding could be enabled rather than having a decoding loops for each scale. Finally, combined spatial/temporal scalability is also possible since lower layer pictures need not be present at every time instant. A gure illustrating this is provided in Figure 23.11. The main purpose of quality scalability is to re ne the SNR of the video with increasing quality layers. This form of scalability is often referred to as SNR scalability as well. To achieve a coarsegrained scalability, a similar multiscale architecture as used for spatial scalability could be used without the up-sampling operation. In this way, each layer would use a different quantizer to achieve the desired level of quality at each layer. The base layer would be coded with a coarse quantization and ner levels of quantization would then be used for higher layers. A ner level of quality control could also be imposed within each layer by coding fragments of transform coef cients. This enables successive re nement of quality within a layer.
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To set up the hardware, you need everything that comes in the WAP or router s box, plus whatever tools you need to work on your desktop computers (probably nothing more than a medium-sized Philips head screwdriver). If you re using a router, you are limited as to where you can put it by where the utility company installed your broadband Internet modem (whether it s cable, DSL, fiber, or whatever you have). You actually have to connect the data port of the broadband device to the specially labeled port on the rear of the router (see Figure 12.5) with a network cable.
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Windows Update
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There are a number of measures that you can take to improve the security of your NFS services. If your security concerns warrant, you should probably go to the trouble of running Secure NFS. However, you should be prepared to deal with the added complexity and be prepared for the lack of Secure NFS products for non-Solaris clients. Following are some guidelines for running NFS. Refer to 12 for more information on NFS and security:
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10.4.2 Assignment and Release of Call Reference Values and B-Channels We now explore how the exchange and the TEs inform each other about the assignment of call reference values (CRVs) and B-channels at the start of a call, and the release of these items when the call ends. We use the signaling sequence of Fig. 10.4-1. The exchange, and each TE, maintains a pool of available CRVs and can assign a CRV to a call. The exchange knows the idle/busy status of the B-channels on its DSLs and assigns the channels to the call.
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Part VII
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d(X,Y) = C
FIGURE 16.15
In your favorite text editor, create a new file. Type the following into your new file:
ufsrestore rvf /dev/rmt/0
3 Click Compress Pictures ( ). 1
Figure 3-16: Virtual PC s Create a virtual machine wizard helps you determine the makeup of the virtualized environment.
There are also two options. The positive sign in equation (10.A.65) is for the selection of inductive X2 while the negative sign is for the selection of capacitive X2. Also, a simple relationship between X1 and X2 can be found from equation (10.A.62) and (10.A.65):
W L intensity (cps)
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