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The class attribute receives a value of either inactiveMenuItem or activeMenuItem. (Only one item should be initially set to active. This value is dependent on the context of the page you are working with.) The style attribute assigns the left position for each entry. Begin with 15px and increment each successive a element by 85px. Assign a unique identifier to the id attribute. Add a URL to jump to in the href attribute in case the menu item is clicked.
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The cross join, also called an unrestricted join, is a pure relational algebra multiplication of the two source tables. Without a join condition restricting the result set, the result set includes every possible combination of rows from the data sources. Each row in data set one is matched with every row in data set two for example, if the first data source has five rows and second data source has four rows, a cross join between them would result in 20 rows. This type of result set is referred to as a Cartesian product. Using the One/Two sample tables, a cross join is constructed in Management Studio by omitting the join condition between the two tables, as shown in Figure 9-10.
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Figure 28-4: The New Project Application window.
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History: The History section lets you designate how many days you want your
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Figure 12-2: In Windows Vista, a bundled application called Windows Photo Gallery provided basic digital photo management, editing, and sharing functionality.
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To add or remove icons from toolbars, you must open the Tools Customize dialog box. You can access this dialog box in two ways. The first, most obvious method is to go through the menus to Tools Customize. The second, less obvious way is to right-click any toolbar (other than the CommandManager), select Customize, and then click the Commands tab. You can then select the toolbar that you want to add from the list. With the Customize dialog box open, you can remove a toolbar icon by dragging the icon away from the toolbar into white space in the graphics window. You can also reorder or move toolbar icons between toolbars. Figures 2.31 and 2.32 show the Toolbars and Commands tabs in the Customize dialog box.
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With second coupling, the skirt of the frequency response curve is much narrowed since two zeros are created. The corresponding low-side imaginary rejection is much better, that is, Imag_Rejat low side = 74.2 dB, (5.36)
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TABLE 6.5-2 Layer 3 Protocol Messages for V5.2 Protocol Subset PSTN Protocol Message Types Disconnect Disconnect Complete Establish Establish Acknowledgment Protocol Parameter Signal Signal Acknowledgment Status Status Enquiry Common Control Common Control Acknowledgment Port Control Port Control Acknowledgment OS Switch-Over Command Protocol Error Switchover Acknowledgment Switchover Command Switchover Request Switchover Reject Allocation Allocation Complete An Fault An Fault Acknowledgment Audit Audit Complete Deallocation Deallocation Complete Link Control Link Control Acknowledgment AS $ LE ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! !
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Figure 23-2: Sorting incoming email messages to separate folders.
bbPress is extremely easy to install. Just like WordPress, it can be set up in mere minutes. To get started, grab the latest version of bbPress at and then follow these steps:
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Windows Firewall is a basic, but decent, firewall. Your average user should find it sufficient for their needs. Many people opt to use it in conjunction with other security measures. For example, we use the Windows
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7. What are the benefits of using Windows Remote Assistance
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