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Sketch of an extension to the ontology shown in Figure 12.5
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Set activeSketch = Model.GetActiveSketch If (activeSketch Is Nothing) Then If a Sketch is not active, then Model.InsertSketch insert a new sketch for our spline End If
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In 4, we introduce Jump Lists.
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n a leather jacket and jeans, riding his Harley Davidson up St. Charles Avenue after work, he blends seamlessly with the New Orleans scene of the mid-1990s. But looks can be deceiving. In his previous ve years, he has worked in the Netherlands, Brunei, Sarawak, Thailand, Vietnam, China, Oman, Nigeria, and Canada. Daniel Zweidler is a geologist working for Shell, and he is Swiss.
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Finally, we substitute z, = yt equivalence (10.79).
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This is the menu where you can reset all the custom settings back to the factory defaults. All the settings from Custom menus one, two, and three are reset to the camera defaults, but this does not reset any of the changes you might have made in the Recording menus or the Setup menus.
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Unmounting a volume
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An identical toolbar appears when you click an item on screen. When this toolbar appears with a left-click, the rest of the RMB menu does not appear. Tool tips are available if you do not recognize the icons on the toolbar. For reference, the icons in the context toolbar atop the RMB menu (the icons without text) shown in Figure 2.10 are in order from the upper-left: Edit Feature, Edit Sketch, Suppress, Rollback, Select Other, Sketch, Hide Body, Zoom To Selection, Normal To, and Appearance Callout. Notice that these selections do not reappear in the main RMB menu. These context toolbars are not editable, but you can turn them off, and put the RMB menus back to a familiar configuration. To deselect, click the context toolbar and choose Tools Customize. Use the options on the right side of the main Toolbars tab, as shown in Figure 2.11. I find that the RMB context toolbars are distracting because they force you to read a two-dimensional list of icons and a one-dimensional list of text. To me, this is just too confusing. I turn these off so that the RMB menus look like they always did. However, I do find left-click context toolbars useful for things like Hide Sketch, Edit Feature, Edit Sketch, Appearance Callout, sketch relations, and so on. When I use the RMB menus, I m looking for a more general function. When using the left-click context bars, I m looking for something specific that I know is there. In Figure 2.11, the Show on selection check box option simply refers to the left click toolbar, and Show in shortcut menu check box option refers to the RMB menu.
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14: Microsoft Zune: A Digital Media Alternative
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Political Upheaval
small business or home office, enter your domain name in this section, such as If your Ubuntu server is processing mail only for the local system users, enter your full host and domain name here, such as It s imperative that you enter the name that the Postfix server accepts mail for; otherwise, Postfix won t be able to process mail that you send to local users on the system. Most email clients use either the From or Reply-To headers in the email message to determine how to reply to an email message. Postfix (and most other email programs such as Evolution) automatically adds the system name you specify here to your userID for your From and Reply-To headers.
Fiber-to-the-curb (FTTC), 98, 435, 465, 469 Fiber-to-the-home (FTTH), 465, 468 Fiber-to-the-neighborhood (FTTN), 98, 435, 465 Fiber-to-the-node (FTTN), 469 Fiber-to-the-premises (FTTP), 465, 468, 469 Fibre Channel (FC), 396, 415, 416 Fibre Channel Industry Association, 759 Fibre Channel over Internet Protocol (FC/IP), 416 Fibre Connections (FICON), 415 File Transfer Protocol (FTP), 289, 413, 660 Filtering, 608 Find-me call forwarding, see Call forwarding Find-me service, 544 545 Finger, 557 Firewall, 266, 292, 684 FireWire, 89, 413 Fixed wireless, see Wireless local loop (WLL) Flag, 285f, 286, 327f, 346f, 503f, 504 Flags, 651 FLEX, 566 Flex strength, 46 Flexible station numbering, 107 Flow, 653, 661, 663 Flow control, 27, 382 Flow label, 653, 663 Follow-me call forwarding, see Call forwarding Follow-me service, 235 236, 545 Footprint, 67, 554 Foreign exchange (FEX, FX), 115, 233 Forked ringing, 148 Forklift upgrade, 142, 250 Forward error correction (FEC), 165, 259, 279, 281 282, 414, 443, 447, 456, 577, 581, 583 584 Bose, Chadhuri, and Hocquengham (BCH), 281 Hamming, 281 Reed Solomon, 487, 606 Forward explicit congestion noti cation (FECN), 503f, 504, 507, 508 Forwarding equivalence class (FEC), 663 Four-wave mixing (FWM), 88 Four-wire, see Circuit Fractal transform, 609 Fragment offset, 651 Fragmentation, 450, 457, 651, 654 Frame, 25, 271, 285f, 306f, 311 312f, 318f, 503f, 343f, 371f, 373f, 377f, 503f jumbo, 395 runt, 381 Frame-based ATM over SONET Transport (FAST), 537 Frame-based ATM Transport over Ethernet (FATE), 536 537 Frame check sequence (FCS), 285f, 286, 327f, 346f, 373f, 503f, 505 Frame rate, 603
network. To share your media, click the button titled Turn on media streaming. The control panel will change to give you more fine-grained control over the devices in your network, as shown in Figure 11-43. By default, all of your media is shared with all devices, but you can use this interface to change those settings, and you can do so on a device-by-device basis if you re a control freak. You could just accept the defaults, though we recommend at least providing your PC s shared media library with a unique name. (For some reason your user name is the default.) When you re done, click OK to close the control panel and return to Windows Media Player.
Reproduced from Stojmenovic [2002] IEEE.
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