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You can establish default templates at Tools Options Default Templates. The default templates must be in one of the paths that are specified in File Locations. Figure 3.14 shows the Default Templates settings.
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Table C.1. Comparing Windows features
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Bundled jQuery UI plugins
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Part I
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Creating Data Collector Sets
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Primary Synchronisation Code = 1, ,16; j = 1, . . . , l 5 : Secondary Synchronisation Code
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With BackPress, there is no single file that makes all of the BackPress code loadable into an application. With the assumption that application developers only need to load what is actually required for their application, you can create a loader script that can be included to load the BackPress files. An example of such a file (backpress-load.php) can be seen in Listing 25.2.
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Part V Business Intelligence
There used to be a time when simulations of historical battles and campaigns, as well as sims of theoretical engagements and future-themed wars, were hugely popular. Games for 8-bit computers like Gettysburg: The Turning Point and Battles of Napoleon kept gamers riveted for hours on end. Those slow-paced titles didn t sit well with younger gamers, however, and real-time strategies have gradually edged them out.
Internet telephony, also known as Internet voice, is a means of transmitting voice over the Internet, bypassing the traditional PSTN and saving money in the process. While I discussed Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) at some length in 5 and dealt with the detailed speci cs of IP earlier in this chapter, VoIP merits further discussion here in the context of the public Internet. Internet telephony is accomplished through the use of special software residing on a multimedia PC equipped with a microphone, speaker, and modem or, ideally, a broadband connection to the Internet. Originally, both parties in the conversation had to install the same software, which worked on a half-duplex basis, enabling only one person to talk at a time using a push-to-talk, over-and-out protocol reminiscent of CB radio. Depending on the software in use, it was necessary that both parties schedule the call in advance, typically either via e-mail over the Internet or through a short, preliminary, conventional telephone call. Some software allowed you to determine the status (online or of ine) of the other party in much the same manner as you can determine the status of your buddies in an instant messenger application. Current software technology also
Tele-Visionaries: The People Behind the Invention of Television. By Richard C. Webb Copyright 2005 the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers, Inc.
Managing the DHCP Database
Using the Base Flange Method for Sheet Metal Parts
charge when it passes through the tunnel barrier before recombination with other quasiparticles in the same electrode or escapes from the electrode to the electric lead. Quasiparticles excited by radiation must diffuse in the electrode and collide with the tunnel barrier for many times to tunnel the barrier, leading to the dependency of the tunneling probability on characteristics of the electrode such as the thickness, the mean free path in the electrode and the width of the lead. Consequently, two electrodes produce different magnitudes of signals that cause double peaks in the case of X-ray detection when the X-rays can penetrate the upper electrode. The rise times of signals, i.e. charge
Ruled surfaces are discussed in general in the section on terminology. Here I discuss the topic in more detail, and specifically with regard to the SolidWorks interface for creating Ruled surfaces. The Ruled Surface feature in SolidWorks is one of those features that you may never have missed until you see it in action. It is extremely useful for constructing faces with draft, extending faces tangent to a direction, making Radiate surface types, building molds, and many other applications. Figure 27.13 shows the PropertyManager interface for the Ruled Surface.
15.3 Stochastic Models for Speech 15.3.1 Short-Time Stationary Modeling
76 Part I Using the Sony Alpha A700
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If you have already run a backup, you can go back to the Backup Status and Configuration window and select either Backup now or Change backup settings. You can also disable the automatic backup, which is activated once you set up a backup schedule. You can also restore from backup using the Restore Files option in the Backup Status and Configuration window. The Restore files window (see Figure 14.7) presents you with two options:
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