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RAID Level 0 Redundancy Percentage 0% Description Data striping Data is spread out across multiple drives, speeding up data writes and reads. No parity, redundancy or fault tolerance is available. Data mirroring Data is written to two drives and read from either drive, providing better fault tolerance Data striping with a parity bit written to one of the drives. Because of the parity bit, any single drive can fail and the disk subsystem can still function. When the failed disk drive is replaced, the disk subsystem can recreate the data on the failed drive it contained. RAID 5 is popular because it offers excellent protection and good speed at the lowest cost. Mirrored striped drives Offer the speed of data striping and the protection of data mirroring. This is the most expensive option.
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Figure 4.1.1 Schematic structure of a semiconductor diode with charge density, electric eld and potential for partial (solid line) and full (dashed) depletion
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28: Employing Master Model Techniques
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Windows Live Profile
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26. Click the Tooling Split icon in the CommandManager. 27. Select the Top plane, and draw a centerpoint rectangle centered on the Origin so that it is 6 inches by 8 inches, and the sketch fits within the bounds of the parting surface. Make sure that you are looking at the part from the Top view.
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It is typical of the mystery of mathematics, that while it is very easy to multiply two numbers together, by hand using pencil and paper if necessary, the reverse process of finding the factors of a number is usually very difficult. Persistence and courage were indeed needed in those days, before modern calculating machines had been invented. However, in this case, Landry had failed to notice a smart move which would have saved him most of his trouble. Only a few years later, Aurifeuille noticed that Landry's third factor 536,903,681 was almost exactly 5 times the second factor 107,367,629. In fact, the difference is 536,903,681 - 5 x 107,367,629
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Remember that every file or folder referenced needs to be available not only at design time, but after a package is deployed as well. Consider using Universal Naming Convention, or UNC, paths for global information or package configurations (see Maintainable Packages, later in this chapter) to adjust names and locations for specific target servers. UNC is a method of
FIGURE 11.11 Results of the Thinness Analysis
The next step in setting up NAT on an interface is to specify the services and port traf c that are allowed in or out. For example, if there is an FTP server on the internal network and you want external users to be able to access it, you need to enable FTP. In the RRAS console, click NAT and open the properties for the network interface in question. Click the Services and Ports tab (see Figure 6-8).
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