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and Welsh (1994). Moreover, (14.18) can be used to show the connection between empirical saddlepoint approximations and empirical likelihood. Indeed, it was shown in Monti and Ronchetti (1993) that
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Advantages of like namespaces:
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you would like to add to Performance Monitor. Click the downward-pointing arrow to the right of each item to review the specific counters contained within each category.
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A drop-down list appears.
Removing Packages
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A very interesting application of portable equipment for X-ray analysis is the portable apparatus transported on the Martian surface to determine the chemical composition of Martian soil and rocks60 62 (Figure 5.3.28). On 4 July, 1997, the portable EDXRF apparatus constructed for analysing rocks landed on Mars. The principle of the APXS technique is based on three interactions of particles from a radioisotope source with matter: (a) simple Rutherford backscattering; (b) production of protons from ( ,p) reactions on light elements; and (c) generation of characteristic X-rays upon
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