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16.2 SHIELDING FOR AN RF MODULE BY A METALLIC SHIELDING BOX At high or radio frequencies, the conceivable electromagnetic eld radiates from each part in the circuit, including runners. Each part starts to look like a small antenna. The electromagnetic waves radiate from the surrounding sky and could mingle together as a feedback signal returning to the circuitry so as to cause disorder in the circuit performance. This problem was recognized as the key barrier in the early stages of RF circuit design, which were fabricated with discrete parts before the 1970s. In order to avoid the electromagnetic wave radiation from the RF block to the sky, each individual RF block is shielded by a small metallic box. Figure 16.2 shows a typical shielding scheme. The top portion is a metallic shielding box. The hole on the top is for receiving the short stub on the PCB so that the PCB can be xed after it is slid into the metallic shielding box. The PCB of the RF block is depicted as the middle portion in Figure 16.2, in which the parts and runners are neglected. The PCB is slid into the metallic shielding box through the slot in the box and its position is xed by the slot and by the short stub inserted into the hole on the top of
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Upon initial login as ssp, what you enter as a default domain (SUNW_HOSTNAME) is not important. At this point, there are no domains to communicate with. This will become important later the domain you set is the one you will be talking to with Starfire commands. Upon initial setup, there are no domains created. The easiest way to determine domain configuration is with the command domain_status. The output of this command will look as thus upon initial setup:
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Part III
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Paul Stares and Mona Yacoubian of the U.S. Institute of Peace introduced this perspective in a 2005 article in the Washington Post entitled Terrorism as Virus. 13 According to Stares and Yacoubian, One promising new approach builds on the parallels often drawn between terrorism and a mutating virus or metastasizing cancer. They list three bene ts of this perspective.
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Keeping Your Solaris Systems Secure
FeatureWorks works by deconstructing, or unbuilding, the part, removing faces of features that would be applied last. For example, first it will try to recognize fillets, and removes them from the model. Then it recognizes other types of features, including holes, and then finally it recognizes the base extrude or revolve feature. You can use this as part of your process, but only deconstructing the part partially, leaving the portion of the part that is not assigned to a feature as an imported body. If you remove the fillets and the holes, you might be able to do the edits that remain using direct edit tools. This will leave you with a partially imported part with some parametric features and some direct edit features. Some folks might consider this a sloppy mess, but getting work done on schedule does count for something; if that is what it takes, then it removes the sting to some extent. The FeatureWorks PropertyManager is shown in Figure 30.19.
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Figure 1.6: COST 207 BU impulse response.
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