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Part III Developing with SQL Server
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Disabling the sytem troubleshooting, 293 Discrete component diagnostic tool, 310 Dropouts, 193 DSO. See digital storage scope Dynamic range, 60 Earth potential lift, 175 Effective radiated power, 100, 230 E-field probe, 138 EFT. See electrical fast transients EFT generator alternate use, 324 Electric charge, 20 dipole, 20 field coupling, 28 fields, 121 shock hazard, 166 sources, 18 Electrical fast transient, 169 Electrical induction, 175 Electromagnetic Compatibility (definition), 3 Electromagnetic environment, 95 Electromagnetic field coupling, 19, 25, 45 Electromagnetic Interference (definition), 3 Electrostatic discharge air discharge, 43, 237 alternative simulator, 243 component damage, 43 definition, 4 events, 242 failure modes, 43 furniture discharge, 41, 237 human discharge, 43, 237 test probe, 240 testing, 234 Electrostatic fields, 40 EM clamp, 187 EMC. See electromagnetic compatibility EMC testing minimum requirements, 271 EMI. See electromagnetic interference Emissions, 5, 23 Emissions spreadsheet, 153 Enclosure resonances, 315 ERP. See effective radiated power ESD. See electrostatic discharge Far-field effects, 18 Ferrite material problems with emissions, 328 Ferrites, 282 FET probe, 4, 147 Field strength monitoring, 99, 101
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I personally prefer to use Rib features, except for free standing ribs where you do not want the sides extended up to the next wall.
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As you can see, this simple script takes advantage of Prototype s $() function to grab the required page element and change its class. You also have a CSS file, but it s too long to print here. Instead, go to the companion website for this book and grab the finished project. You ll find the file at /public/stylesheets/ pipeline.css; just copy that file over to your project.
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The author wishes to acknowledge and thank GeMeTec Japan Corp., Rigaku Corp., SES Corp. and Technos Corp. (in alphabetical order) for kindly providing us with their data and original illustrations for this contribution.
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Generating Ontologies for the Semantic Web: OntoBuilder
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Part III: Security and Networking................................................................. 251
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Figure 12.13. Image depicting the formation of precipitates, seen as small dark spots, in a palladium precursor solution after 1 day of storage. The image shown was taken of a drop of precursor solution that was dispensed onto a microscope slide and covered with a glass cover slide.
Undeleting a Logically Deleted Row
To audit access policies on the local computer, click Start, type Run, type secpol.msc, and then press Enter. You can also launch the snap-in by clicking Start Administrative Tools Local Security Polices Audit Policy (see Figure 7.31). Each policy has three settings: Audit Success, Audit Failure, and No Auditing (no check boxes selected). Recommended settings are:
You can control options for the individual dimension type defaults for angle, arc length, chamfer, diameter, hole callout, linear, ordinate, and radius dimensions as well.
leading to the overall outage probability for a BS adaptive antenna array in the form of
You can use Revision Tables in SolidWorks in conjunction with SolidWorks Workgroup PDM, but this integration goes beyond the scope of this book. The Revision Table uses a table anchor, which is used in exactly the same way as the BOM table. Revision Tables also use templates in the same way as the other table types, and it is recommended to move customized templates to a library location and specify the location in Tools Options File Locations. Figure 24.15 shows the Revision Table PropertyManager interface where you can create and control the settings for the table. You can find the default settings for Revision Tables by choosing Tools Options Document Properties Drafting Standard Tables Revision. The settings are now contained in a single PropertyManager; a toolbar and a RMB menu were formerly contained in five PropertyManager pages. The image in the upper left of Figure 24.15 is the PropertyManager interface that displays when you initially create the Revision Table. The upper-right image is the RMB menu for the Revision Table, and the bottom toolbar is the formatting toolbar that displays when you select the Revision Table. You can initiate the Revision Table function through the menus or the Tables toolbar. However, this function simply creates the table; it does not populate it. You must set the table anchor in the format in order for the Table Anchor to work. Additional columns may be added or formatted to accept other data. Once you have created the columns or formatting, you can save the changes to a template, which is also available through the RMB menu. You can add a revision to the table by right-clicking the table and choosing Revisions Add Revision. This includes control over whether the revision uses numerical or alphabetical revision levels, but does not provide for more complex revisioning schemes.
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