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FIGURE 18.19
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A spread-spectrum-based multiple access method in which each user is assigned a unique code (a spreading code) for identification and access to a common channel. Although the 802.lib extension also employs spread spectrum technology, it either uses a single spreading code or multiple codes to increase the data rate.
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The FCA algorithm exhibited greatest improvement in the probability of a low quality the access due to the implementation of power control, as shown in Figure 4.65. Using a two element adaptive antenna array in conjunction with the power control algorithm resulted in a probability of low quality access approximately equal that obtained usingan eight element to adaptive array without power control. The LOLIA also benefited from invoking the power control algorithm, but to a lesser extent, offering a performanceclose to that of an array with twice the number of elements withoutpower control. The GOS performance gains of the FCA algorithm using power control seen in Figure 4.66, were somewhat reduced comparedto those of the probability of a low quality access in Figure 4.65, due to the similar blocking performances of the power-controlled and nonpower-controlled scenarios seen Figure 4.63. Nonetheless, the GOS gains remainedquite in high in Figure 4.66. The GOS gains of the LOLIA due to power control were also quite substantial, as seen in Figure 4.66. The effect of power control on the mean number of handovers performed call becomes per explicit in Figure 4.67. From this figure it can be seen for the FCA algorithm that with respect to the number of handovers per call, the performance of the network employing power control significantly exceeded that of the network without power control using an adaptive antenna array of twice the number of antenna elements. The employment power control in of conjunction with the FCA algorithm led to a mean reduction by a factor of 4.4 in the number of handovers. Theinherently good performanceof the LOLIA was also slightly improved on average.
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DUT 50 Chip C 50
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Create group policies
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Change Control and Workplace Management
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Advanced Scalability
Figure 37-6: Calling the User control twice As you can see, you were able to call the User control twice in the same page, but you can also call this control as many times as you wish throughout your application. Using Web Form events to change User control properties In the last example, you changed the User control's properties by specifying an attribute/value pair within the control itself. The other way to programmatically pass properties to the User control is based upon events within the script part of the Web Form page. Start a by adding a new Web Form to your application. Click the HTML tab this time and type your own code (see Listing 37-3). Listing 37-3: WebForm2.aspx
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A more complicated comparison asks, Who has gone on a tour in his or her home region The answer lies in the Event_mm_Customer table a resolution (or junction) table between the Event and Customer tables that serves to store the logical many-to-many relationships between customers and events (multiple customers may attend a single event, and a single customer may attend multiple events). The Event_mm_Customer table may be thought of as analogous to a customer s ticket to an event. The outer query logically runs through every Event_mm_Customer row to determine whether there exists any result from the correlated subquery. The subquery is filtered by the current EventID and customer RegionID from the outer query. In an informal way of thinking, the query checks every ticket and creates a list of events in a customer s home region that the customer has attended. If anything is in the list, the where exists condition is true for that row. If the list is empty, where exists is not satisfied and the customer row in question is eliminated from the result set:
Derived sketch
Figure 18.14 BDCs may be functioning in other roles, and this must be considered before upgrading.
A Security Warning box appears, asking whether you want to run or save this program.
Work it out. It s important. But it s not the end of the process. Indeed, this is where it gets dif cult. Once you know what you do really, really well, then you have to deal with the other stuff that you do, but don t do as well. Noir et Blanc decided that their core competency was delivering treatment for sick people in Africa and identifying promising research programs to fund. This is what they do. Fundraising, donor management, grant writing, and the like are not what they do. They have few skills in those areas, so they actively decided to leave them to others who do them much better than Noir et Blanc does them. Map your organization s activity. Think about what it spends time and resources doing, and ask yourself whether this is really where the most added value comes from. Work out what you collectively don t have many skills in, and then take that list and identify people or other organizations that could do it for you. Then get rid of it. Outsource it. Partner with another group, company, or nonpro t to deliver it. And then nd organizations that are doing badly the thing that you do really well. Go see
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