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Part I: SolidWorks Basics
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16: Ruby Introduction
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Uniform Dialing Plan (UDP): Also known as coordinated dialing plan, this is PBX software that supports simpli ed station-to-station dialing in a multisite PBX environment. UDP allows multiple PBXs to share a single numbering plan of four or ve digits. The end user need only dial those digits to be connected to another user, regardless of where the two are located. If the two are served by the same PBX, the call connection process is simple. If the two are served by separate PBXs, the call will be sent over a private facility such as a tie trunk if one is available. If the call is sent over a CO trunk for connection through the PSTN, the originating PBX will automatically insert the necessary country code, area code, and CO pre x or otherwise modify the dialed digits as necessary. UDP most commonly is implemented in multisite enterprises over private, leased-line networks connecting PBXs of the same origin (i.e., manufacturer) and software generic. However, it is possible to establish this level of networking between PBXs of disparate origin if they are equipped with a common signaling protocol such as QSIG. Q SIGnaling (QSIG): A standard that de nes services and signaling protocols for interconnecting Time Division Multiplexing (TDM) based PBXs based on the International Telecommunations Union Telecommunication Standardization Sector (ITU-T) ISDN standard Q.931. It is a Common Channel Signaling (CCS) protocol that runs over the ISDN D-channel for signaling between nodes in a Private Integrated Services Network (PISN). QSIG supports call setup, call teardown, and transparency of features such as message waiting, camp-on, and callback. The International Organization for Standardization (ISO) has adopted QSIG as the Private Signaling System No. 1 (PSS1). Multitenant Service: Allows a single PBX to serve multiple tenants or user organizations. Logical software partitions allow each tenant to have its own attendant console, trunk groups, and blocks of telephone numbers. Thereby, each organization has a unique identity through a logical PBX that is part of a single physical PBX. Property Management Interface (PMI): Intended for the hospitality industry, which includes hotels and motels, dormitories, cruise ships, hospitals, and extended-care facilities such as nursing homes and retirement homes. PMI allows the coordination of front-of ce and back-of ce management features with PBX communications functions. For example, a housekeeper can use the telephone in the guest room to indicate room status, such as clean and ready for occupancy. Front-desk personnel can disable a guest telephone when a room is vacant or if the guest s credit card has been rejected. Charges for calls through the PBX can be associated with the guest account and a single, allinclusive bill can be rendered. Simpli ed Message Desk Interface (SMDI): De nes a way for a phone system to communicate with a voice messaging system. The PBX sends an SMDI message in advance of each call, advising the voice messaging system of the line that it is using, the type of call that it is forwarding (e.g., call forward, call forward busy, or call forward no answer), and the source (calling number) and destination (called number) of the call. SMDI allows the voice messaging system to process the forwarded call more intelligently by accessing the correct personalized greeting associated with the correct mailbox. If the
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Directory Database
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Getting Started with Windows Vista Ultimate
After creating a jar file you can list the contents of the file using the format:
TABLE 11.1
IE7 has added a new Live Search feature to its main page. The new Live Search toolbar lets you search the Web directly from the IE7 home page without having to select a separate search button or menu. Having this Live Search feature on the IE7 main page saves you time and keystrokes (or rather, clicks). The Live Search box is located in the upper right of the screen. (See Figure 3-16.)
Red Teams
If you have no other choice for faster broadband connectivity, or if the fees associated with the other choices don t work for you, then you may be surprised at what you can do with today s modem technology. First, let s talk speed. You may think that because you have a 56K modem, you re running as fast as possible. Chances are, that s not the case. If you re using an internal modem that came with your PC, it s probably a bargain-basement type called a software modem, controller-less modem, or Winmodem. All these terms are synonymous and signify a device that relies on your PC s CPU for all the heavy lifting. A hardware modem, by contrast, has its own processor and (according to my own informal testing) can perform as much as 15% faster when downloading a file in the background while you re doing something else with the PC in the foreground. You probably wouldn t perform a modem upgrade solely to get a 15% performance boost, but wait there s more. The International Telecommunications Union, or ITU, improved the 56K standard toward the end of 2000 with two new standards called V.92 and V.44 (modems that support one generally also support the other). The first of these standards is an improvement over the V.90 specification most modern modems use, in three areas:
FigurE 1-5: It s pretty sparse right now, but your Windows Live ID is up and running.
Descriptive filenames are what intuitively come to mind when naming a part. The problem is that the same type of function in a similar part tends to create an identical descriptive filename. There is no way to guarantee that a purely descriptive filename will also be unique, and so we come to the third rule:
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