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Table 27-30: Non-Inherited Members of the Form Control Member Name (scope and type) Description before going to the control with focus. MaximizeBox (Public Instance Property) Specifies whether or not the Maximize button should appear on the title bar. Specifies the maximum size the form can be. ReadOnly. Returns an array of forms that this form parents. Specifies the MDI parent form of this form. Specifies the MainMenu object that is displayed on this form. ReadOnly. Returns the merged menu for this form. Specifies whether or not the Minimize button appears on the title bar. Specifies the minimum size the form can be. ReadOnly. Returns whether the form is displayed modally. Modal means that no other aspects of the application can receive user-input until the form is dismissed. Specifies the level of
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This utility hasn t changed much since Windows Vista, with one big exception: when you click the Action menu item, you ll see new Create VHD and Attach VHD options. The first provides a way to create an empty VHD and, as it turns out, automatically mount that VHD in the PC s file system. If you already have a VHD you want to use, you can simply choose Action and then Attach VHD to mount it. When you do so, you ll be prompted to browse the file system to find a VHD file.
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As with operating systems, an application can take a long time to open depending on how many of its components are scheduled to load at the application s startup. When an application starts up, it has to load a number of files, such as drivers, as well as preferences, and so on. This process can be time consuming, depending on how many system resources are currently available. If you are opening your tenth window, you can be sure that it will take longer to load than if it were your first or second window. For example, certain application suites (especially when it comes to computer maintenance) actually load several applications at once. Suppose you are launching a security suite application; you may actually load antivirus software, system surveillance software, and a firewall all at the same time. Loading all of these applications at once increases the amount of time necessary to get the suite up and running. Although I cannot advocate disabling a particular application, I do recommend analyzing your system needs to determine whether any applications may be superfluous. For example, if you are using the Windows Vista firewall, then you don t need to use a third-party firewall. By disabling one or the other, you can free system resources and improve the performance of your security suite in our example.
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Performance monitoring that enables systems administrators to identify bottlenecks Remote system configuration allowing consistent and reliable execution of complex configuration tasks Isolation of hardware and hardware faults Predictive failure analysis providing guidance to systems administrators on the likely failures based on statistics such as the minimum time between failures (MTBF) System health monitoring that incorporates a significant amount of administrative knowledge about the systems, including a rules-based health monitor that evaluates various metrics and makes suggestions for their resolution Log file scanning that parses log files for important information on the health of a system Hardware component images with pointers to specific components that help junior administrators identify which component in a system needs to be replaced Hierarchical component diagrams that assist system administrators in understanding the nature of a fault Event and alarm management, enabling system administrators to intercept important information about the status of devices in a timely manner
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The Run dialog box opens. (See Figure 2-34.)
30.7 7: Channel Models
Selecting an edge through model faces
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The first line lists the order in which hostnames should be resolved. This example shows that Ubuntu will first look up the hostname in its /etc/hosts file, then attempt to use DNS (the bind option) if the hostname isn t found in the hosts file.
PDA - Personal Digital Assistant
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