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You can find the scriptaculous_drawer.html file on the website for this book: The HTML is, as usual, simple enough:
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18.3 MEASUREMENT OF UPCONVERTER PERFORMANCE The speci cations for the particular upconverter being tested are the following:
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document and select a presentation file.
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As with Windows itself, it s useful to remember that right-clicking throughout the Zune user interface can reveal some interesting features and options. The old adage is as relevant here as ever: when in doubt, right-click.
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The last_error property is a string that holds the last SQL or bootstrap error. It is useful for debugging, even if $wpdb->show_errors is false. By default, it is empty. This is not a log file and is reinitialized every time WordPress loads (page load).
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Antenna #0
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Figure 2.19 A plan to design an active mixer with a bipolar Gilbert cell.
System Monitor, or sysmon, is familiar to anyone with experience with Windows server administration. System Monitor graphically displays multiple counters, aggregate but detailed data from the server internals. It looks a bit like a heart EKG monitor for Windows and SQL Server, as shown in Figure 49-1.
Select a Show Type and Show Options
Speech 64-kb/s Data unrestricted 3.1-kHz Audio 64-kbits/s Preferred 2 64-kb/s Unrestricted 384-kb/s Unrestricted 1564-kb/s Unrestricted 1920-bits/s Unrestricted N 64-kb/s Unrestricted (N 3 to 18) N 64-kb/s Unrestricted (N 19 to 29)
One of the more neglected monitor settings, the refresh rate is a measure of how rapidly the display repaints itself. On a CRT monitor, the phosphorescent coating on the inside of the tube only stays lit for a short time after being zapped by the electron guns. The refresh rate indicates how often the guns revisit each pixel and zap it again to keep it lit. (The refresh rate is not applicable for an LCD panel, which doesn t use electron guns.) Too slow a refresh rate, and you can see the pixels fade before they get re-zapped, a phenomenon we know as flicker. Refresh rate is measured in hertz (Hz), or cycles per second. Here are my own guidelines, in short:
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