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You can add folders to the library in two ways, either by right-clicking in the Design Library window and selecting New Folder or by using the Windows Explorer interface. Another RMB menu option is Add Existing Folder, which enables you to add a folder from another location to the library. The folder is not moved or copied, but a shortcut is added to the Design Library and the contents appear in the lower pane.
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where the upper case letter I denotes the DC current and the lower case letter i denotes the AC current. Finally the total voltage gain can be evaluated from equations (1.124) and (1.126) Av = vo Gm Ro gm1( gm 2 + gmb 2 ) ro1ro 2 . vi (1.137)
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Fs(z)l = It - SllFl(.)
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campaign audiences to expect different things from our organization. And I am sure that I will shock no one by asserting that nonpro ts are globally relatively unsophisticated in audience analysis and pro ling. In order to be a sexy organization tomorrow, we must invest more today in research and analysis, and above all we must test. Many proponents of focus groups will encourage you to run such groups and ask people what they think. They suggest that you get a group of target audience demographics in a room, show them your campaign, and ask them what they think of it. This is all well and good for a poster campaign. But for fundraising, you can forget it. The only way to tell if a fundraising message will work is to test it. Why Because donors lie in focus groups. It s as simple as that. They are fantastic at telling you, on an intellectual or abstract level, which of your three test mail packs would be the most likely to elicit a positive response from them. But between intellectual, abstract thinking and donor realities there is a huge chasm, and donors tend to be very good at underestimating its depth. What we think will raise money often doesn t, and vice versa.
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Formatting erases all images on the card, including the protected images and any images or les that may be on the card from any other source.
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13: Getting More from Mates . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 469
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you can con gure for incoming RAS connections. For a detailed description of authentication methods, see Con guring RRAS for Inbound Connections, later in this chapter.
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Venezuela OU South America OU Brazil OU
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Part II
(b) Equipotentiality on a large ground surface resumed by /4 micro strip line, vP = vP = vP = vP
On a high-end HDTV display, for example, you might see options such as 1920 x 1200, 1080p (59.95Hz), 1680 x 1050, 1440 x 900, 1360 x 768, and so on. In general, you should choose the highest resolution your display supports in order to get the best picture quality.
One notable difference is the way in which Veritas Volume Manager initializes disks when they are put under the Volume Manager s control. Veritas does this in one of two ways it completely wipes out existing content or it encapsulates the disk, preserving the content by making certain changes in the way that the data on the disk is stored. Encapsulation does the following things:
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