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Part 5: Programming in Ubuntu
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Part VII: Windows 7 Power User
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Quick Tips
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Energy (keV)
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The most common form is CD-RW.
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The number of previous versions shown in this dialog depends on a number of factors, including how long your system has been up and running and how many times the document has been edited. In some cases, you may see no previous versions. If so, ensure that the System Restore service is running. We ll show you how in the very next section.
Creating an application Using the Global.asax file Understanding web.config A Web application may consist of a collection of ASP.NET files and the Global.asax file. (The Global.asax file is discussed in its own section of this chapter.) When you type a URL into your browser (such as http://www.somewhere.com/), you're calling a Web application and firing any application events that go along with it. Locally on the server, the Web application resides in a virtual directory that you specify, typically within the C:\Inetpub\wwwroot directory. This chapter covers how to create and modify your applications as well as everything that you need to know and understand to control the settings and configuration of the application through the web.config file.
Figure 5.7.6 (a) High magni cation HAADF image showing the increase in average atomic number at a grain boundary. (b) Quantitative Cu map from the same boundary. The gray scale goes from 0 to 18 wt%. (c) Compositional pro le extracted from (b). (Reprinted from Mikrochim. Acta [Suppl.], 15, Williams, D., Watanabe, M. and Carpenter, D., Thin lm analysis and chemical mapping in the analytical electron microscope, 49 57, Copyright (1998), with permission from Springer-Verlag)
1 Select a slide with a table.
However, this is a technique that requires a fair amount of discipline, restraint, foresight, and judgment. The potential problems associated with overuse or misuse of in-context techniques primarily include performance problems (speed) and lost references due to file management issues. Users may also experience problems with features or sketches that change with each rebuild. The following section contains best practice suggestions that can help you avoid these situations.
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