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Openness is bene cial to the development of standards, and a primary purpose of the DIST is to establish a transparent means for sharing and measuring risk and uncertainty. Peering involves the active participation in the design of a system by its stakeholders. This is the tough part; letting others into the kitchen where you have been cooking up ideas, and standing back while they throw stuff into the stew. I was worried that the result would be inedible. But as it turned out, getting professional chefs involved early on was absolutely the right thing to do. Eric Wainwright, of Oracle, and Harry Markowitz, independently insisted that we de ne DISTs using a convention known as the XML, extended markup language. This will allow the standard to evolve exibly in the future. John Sall, of SAS Institute, and John Rivlin, of eBook Technologies, independently urged the use of something called Base64 encoding to generate the actual characters of the DIST. This will ensure compatibility across a broad array of computer platforms. Dan Fylstra, of Frontline Systems, realized that we needed to support multiple degrees of numerical accuracy, which led to the double precision DIST. All three of these ingredients turned out to be necessary. But it still would not have been enough without the taste testers at Shell, Genentech, and Merck & Co., who provided much valuable feedback. As to sharing, the standard is published at www.Probability, and those who develop improvements are expected to share them with the user community. Now for acting globally. The only way a standard gets accepted is if a lot of people hear about it. How handy that I was 95 percent done with a book that warned people against the dangers of using numbers instead of distributions when the DIST 1.0 standard was established in July 2008. Perhaps the opportunity to publicize this concept was just the motivation I needed to nally push the manuscript out the door after nine years.
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33 Limited: This is the default setting and the least restrictive option I think you should consider. Configured this way, only your friends those people you ve explicitly friended on Windows Live can see what you re doing via the service. But as with the Public setting, anyone can find you by searching on Windows Live and can view your profile. This is the setting to choose if you are concerned about privacy but do want others to be able to find you online. 33 Private: With this most restrictive setting and, for whatever it s worth, the one I use only your friends can view what you re doing online, and only your friends can search for you or view your profile. This is the option you ll want to pick if you re concerned about privacy and don t want other people to find you. Once you ve chosen a setting, click Save.
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