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The simplified < and > tag pair doesn t specifically declare the programming language used, which sometimes causes confusion when trying to maintain program code. The short open tag method is configured in the php.ini configuration file, and it is often not set by default. To check the setting, open the php.ini configuration file (see 13, Software Installs and Updates ) and look for this line:
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148 Part II Creating Great Photos with the Sony Alpha A700 Table 6.2 (continued)
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I am always trying to think of alternate ways of doing things. Especially when working with complex features, it is important to have a backup plan, or sometimes multiple backup plans. Even when the part is not that complicated, every situation is different. You probably will not get away with just doing blind extrudes and cuts with simple chamfers and fillets for the rest of your career. And even if you could, who would want to
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The Receiving Email dialog box can be tricky because it dynamically changes based on the type of incoming email server you select. Table 9-1 lists the types of email servers from which Evolution can retrieve mail messages.
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Missile defense systems
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Add centerlines by clicking cylindrical faces
// horizontal slider control new Control.Slider( tool , track , { onSlide: function(v) { $( value ).value = slide: + v }, onChange: function(v) { $( value ).value = changed: + v } }); // --> </script>
forever. Donors no longer need charities to decide where to contribute their money. They can go to Kiva and decide precisely what bene ciary they are going to give to. What s more, they can read all about the project in advance, and then receive information from the bene ciary as the project develops following their donation. Recently I went to the Kiva web site to do a bit of research for this book, and I was met with a page on the web site telling me that Kiva was no longer accepting donations. A charity was no longer accepting donations! Kiva had more donors than it had projects that needed nancing! How many other organizations (with perhaps the exception of MSF after the tsunami!) can you think of that put up a web page saying they don t need any more money I can t think of many, if any. Why is Kiva such a success Why is Global Giving growing so quickly Because donors feel empowered, feel close to the bene ciaries, and feel that they can actually make a difference. And in addition, with Kiva, the money is invested into a loan that is then repaid, which means that you can reattribute your funds many times thereby multiplying the impact of your initial donation.
You can use several criteria to determine how subassemblies are assigned: n Performance n Bill of Material
Part VIII: Appendixes
SELECT Name FROM TempDB.dbo.SysObjects WHERE Name Like #Pro% ;
Using the triad can be very tricky. Moving the triad in the bending option moves the axis of the bend, and so it determines whether the bend will compress or stretch the material. The position of the triad also determines which side of the bent body will move or stay stationary, or if both sides will move. Placing the triad directly on a trim plane causes the material outside the bend on that side of the trim plane to remain stationary. I highly recommend taking a look at the models that are provided with this chapter to examine the various functions of the Flex feature more carefully. The model uses configurations, which are covered in 10.
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To ensure that your phone is correctly configured to receive software updates, navigate to All Programs, Settings, and then Phone Update. You ll see a screen like that shown in Figure 16-21. In addition to a notification when new updates are available, you ll find two main options here, both of which should be enabled by default: 33 Notify me when new updates are found. Windows Phone will notify you when a new software update is available. If you can install this update over the air, it will also provide you with the option to do so. 33 Use my cellular data connection to check for updates. When this option is enabled, Windows Phone will use your phone s cellular data connection to look for, and if requested, download any available over-the-air updates. If you re on an unlimited data plan with your cellular carrier, you should almost certainly leave this option enabled. When a new software update is found, Windows Phone will notify you with a fullscreen message like that shown in Figure 16-22.
Security and Active Directory
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