FIGURE 9.7 The Windows Help and Support window in Java

Create EAN 13 in Java FIGURE 9.7 The Windows Help and Support window

Set the attenuation back to the automatic setting. Activate a marker. Use the peak search button. Adjust the resolution bandwidth. This is usually found under Bandwidth, Averaging, or a similar heading. Set the resolution bandwidth to 3, 10, 30, and 100 kHz.
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Access: A FileAccess constant that determines how the FileStream object will access the file. This argument sets the CanRead, CanWrite, and CanSeek properties (see Table 10-6). Share: A FileShare constant that determines how processes will share the file (see Table 10-6). BufferSize: Desired buffer size in bytes. UseAsync: Specifies synchronous or asynchronous IO. Asynchronous IO is only supported if the operating system supports it. The following example demonstrates the usage of the FileStream object. In this example, you create a FileStream object and a StreamWriter object and write a few lines of text to a file: Dim fs As New FileStream("C:\ NewFile.txt", _ FileMode.CreateNew, FileAccess.Write, FileShare.Write) Dim w As New StreamWriter(fs) w.WriteLine("Line1") w.Close() fs.Close() The FileStream class only supports binary IO. If you are not reading or writing text data, you don't need to create a StreamWriter or StreamReader, as the following code demonstrates: Dim fs As FileStream = New FileStream("C:\ Test1.txt", FileMode.OpenOrCreate) fs.WriteByte(0) fs.WriteByte(1) fs.Close() Dim fsr As FileStream = New FileStream("C:\Test1.txt", FileMode.Open) MsgBox(fsr.ReadByte.ToString) MsgBox(fsr.ReadByte.ToString) Notice the use of the FileMode, FileAccess, and FileShare constants. Table 10-7 describes these constants. Table 10-7: FileMode, FileAccess, and FileShare Constants Constant FileMode.Append Description Creates a new file, or opens an existing file and moves to the end of the file. FileAccess.Write must be used in conjunction with FileMode.Append. An ArgumentExceptio n is thrown if FileAccess.Read Write is specified with the FileMode.Append argument. Creates a new file or overwrites an
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Part I Laying the Foundation
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Figure 18-10: Autos window The Autos window shows the names of the variables, their values, and their data type. In this case, there is an integer variable called i with a value of zero, and an object reference called hw with a class type of HelloWorldLib.Class1. Object references and structures have an expandable tree to show properties and fields of that type. HelloWorldLib.Class1 has a private m_GreetText string field, and a public GreetText property. Locals The Locals window functions identically to the Autos window, except that it lists all the variables in the current scope. Press Ctrl+Alt+V,L or select the Locals command from the window tool of the Debug toolbar to display the Locals window (see Figure 18-11).
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in the sense condition where the prime on the drain capacitance indicates that the portion of the channel capacitance that can be associated with the drain has been included in this term. The apparent threshold, Vta, as measured from the control gate is for this case given by
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This approach is based on a remarkable distribution-free property of the ordinary sample correlation coefficient (8.10)
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The Fill Surface is by far the most complete surface function in SolidWorks. It was a good tool before, but has become even better. With SolidWorks 2007, this feature is even more predictable, meaning that: n It works more often. n It does what you asked it to do more often. n It includes more options than before.
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Figure 7.37 Conceptional drawing of double-line balun.
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29. Click File Save As, and select Part Template from the drop-down list. Ensure that it is going into your template folder, give it an appropriate name, and then click Save. 30. Edit the material that you applied to change it from 1060 Alloy to Plain Carbon Steel, and save it as another template with a different name. 31. Change the primary units to millimeters with 2 places, and save it as a third template file. 32. Exit the file.
Towards the Semantic Web
Another obvious source for video content is DVD movies. After all, wouldn t it be cool to include portions of your favorite movies in your own video creations Maybe so, but Windows 7 doesn t include any way to acquire content from DVD movies, whether they re protected (as are Hollywood-created DVD movies) or not (as are most homemade DVD movies). Before you can use content from a DVD movie in Windows Movie Maker, you need to copy that content to your hard drive in a format that Windows Live Movie Maker understands. We explain how to do this later in the chapter.
the_content() typically accepts:
et s face it; people develop brand loyalty to CAD software programs. It sounds silly, but you know it s true. If you are coming to SolidWorks from another CAD program, you are probably feeling a level of unease that is proportional to the amount of time you spent using the other program. You will get past that, and everything will be fine, I promise. As you will see, SolidWorks does everything as well as, or better than, your old software, and you will never crave your old software after you drink this Kool-Aid. The biggest hurdle that many users face in learning a new CAD program is letting go of the old one. In some cases, the old software helps you to understand the new one, but in others, the thinking is just too different, and you may need to forget everything you thought you knew about CAD. Switching to SolidWorks can involve a little of both. For example, if you are coming from Inventor, Solid Edge, or another program in that class, you will find SolidWorks to be very familiar territory, with a similar if not identical design philosophy. SolidWorks also shares a lot of underlying structure with Pro/ENGINEER, and if you are coming from that product, there will be some relearning, but much of your training will be transferable. If you are coming from 2D AutoCAD, SolidWorks may at first cause a bit of culture shock for you. However, after you accept the concept that getting the model correct is dependent on the process, things will go more easily. As you will see, SolidWorks, and in fact most solid modeling in general, is very process-based. SolidWorks is also a very Windows-based software, and so if you are familiar with Windows conventions, then you already know a lot about the SolidWorks interface and shortcuts. The regular and context-sensitive menus, toolbars, and keyboard shortcuts, as well as many other interface elements, all work the same as they do in Word, Excel, or PowerPoint. OS X and Linux users should not hold
Restricted: packages that are supported by Ubuntu but are not open-source pro-
Bright Idea
Using Smart Components
The function and expectations of Predefined views are fairly straightforward, although there are a few things that could be improved. For example, SolidWorks does not allow you to create predefined section or detail views. Also, the View Palette does not preview the populated Predefined views.
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