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Robust Statistics, Second Edition. By Peter J. Huber Copyright @ 2009 John Wiley & Sons, Inc.
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Veritas Volume Manager Terminology
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For indeterminacy in terms of Kolmogorov or LCvy distance, this number must be halved:
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The sequence repeats from 2 10 = 1024 onwards. Therefore 2340 - 1 is divisible by 11. Similarly, the remainders on division by 31 repeat in cycles of 5: 1 1 Therefore, 2 340
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STANDARDIZATION oscillation is due to the condensed matter effect; the outgoing photoelectron wave interferes with the backscattered waves by its neighboring atoms. Therefore, the EXAFS signal is not observable for an isolated single atom. However, the shape of the potential of a single atom itself has the effect to backscatter the electron wave and some kind of interference pattern with longer period than the EXAFS oscillation is observable. The structures observed in an isolated single atom EXAFS are interpreted both from the view point of double-electron excitation and from atomic XAFS; the existence of atomic XAFS is still controversial.151,152 The relativistic effect is also an important factor for the analysis of XAFS spectra. One of the longstanding theoretical problems was that the absence of a sharp absorption line (i.e. white line) in the L2 XANES of Pt metal, though L3 has a sharp absorption line. This problem has been solved by the inclusion of the relativistic effect.153 All kinds of computer calculation programs of XAFS spectra are accessible through the International XAFS Society ( One of the most widely used programs is the FEFF series.154 The newest version is FEFF8. FEFF is a computer program for ab initio multiple scattering calculations of EXAFS and XANES spectra for a cluster molecule. The FEFF8 code includes relativistic Dirac Fock atomic calculation, selfenergies, a fully relativistic cross-section, polarization dependence, and many other features. Another class of computation code is the molecular orbital (MO) method expressed by a linear combination of atomic orbitals (LCAOs). The discrete variational X (DV-X ) method is most convenient in the LCAO-MO method, while the multiple scattering X (MS-X ) method is the basis of the FEFF and other multiple scattering methods. The DV-X method can calculate the core-hole relaxation state easily. This is the reason why the DV-X method is extensively used. The LCAO-MO method including the DV-X method is only applicable to XANES (below 50 eV above the absorption edge) spectra, though the multiple scattering methods are applicable to both XANES and EXAFS spectra. Jiang and
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Group Policy and the Active Directory
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work is expected to expand beyond voice services to enhanced multimedia services such as multiplayer gaming and video-conferencing. CableHome is a more recent program aimed at providing in-home networking and broadband distribution features for connecting DOCSIS devices. The CableHome 1.0 specification released in April 2002 offers firewall, Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol (DHCP), and other LAN software features. At the beginning of 2002, CableLabs combined PacketCable, CableHome, and DOCSIS into a unified program called Broadband Access. More information can be found in [8, 9, 11].
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Tele-Visionaries: The People Behind the Invention of Television. By Richard C. Webb Copyright 2005 the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers, Inc.
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Part III
Now that you can see why we need directory services and where they came from, where does the registry t in In the early days of Windows 95 and Windows NT, Microsoft improved the information repositories of applications running on the Windows platform with the creation of the registry. It was a great relief from the mess created by initialization and con guration les, insecure text les that anyone could access. The registry, however, was more of a technology created to stabilize the OS, as a repository for managing information and the con guration of applications and computers. When users deleted their Windows 3.11 and earlier version .ini les in error, the application was, for better or worse, destroyed (if the .ini les were not backed up). The registry set out to change all that. Today, some of the largest software houses in the world still do not use it; many have opted for XML-based con g les as well. What s more, the registry also became the home for the so-called Security Account Manager (SAM). SAM is still used on Windows Server 2008 standalone servers today. This database stores and manages all the security and access control authority of network resources. There are some similarities between the registry and Active Directory. Speci cally, the registry is all of the following: A database, somewhat cryptic and complex, but still a database Open and accessible (except for the SAM part) Able to be programmed against A replicating structure (single master), providing some vestige of a distributed system A system of hierarchical structures, which contains records that hold con guration data For the most part, the similarities end there. Comparing the registry to Active Directory is like comparing a JetSki to the USS Kitty Hawk: Active Directory is a completely different animal. Yes, you can still use the registry to store con guration data, and you would still use the registry on a standalone workstation or server, even a domain controller. Speci cally, the difference is that Active Directory is also the following: A distributed multi-master database (peer directories update each other in real time, latency aside) Built on open, Internet-based standards
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S33 LO: 3.96 GHz, -0.217 dB
XANES experiments, the energy of the primary, monochromatic beam is changed in small (eV) increments in a range straddling the absorption edge of an element of interest. During the energy change, the primary beam impinging on the capillary optic gradually changes height as a result of the rotation of the Si(111) re ector inside the monochromator; in view of the large collection area (of the order of 0.5 1 cm2 ) of the polycapillary lens, no loss of alignment was observed during energy changes in the 5 25 keV range while also the change in position of the focused beam was kept to a minimum. The absorption pro le can be recorded either directly (by measuring the intensities that impinge on and are transmitted by the sample at each
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Animations in the taskbar and Start menu (New to Windows 7): With the debut
Keyboard Accessibility Status Keyboard Indicator Lock Screen Main Menu Menu Bar Modem Monitor Notification Area Pilot Applet Pointer Capture Quit Run Application Search for Files Separator Show Desktop Sticky Notes System Monitor Terminal Server Client Applet Tomboy Notes Trash User Switcher Volume Control Weather Report Window List Window Selector Workspace Switcher
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