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7. Click Save.
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This class is responsible for both creating and destroying table definitions in a database. The method self.up is run when the class is tasked with creating a table. The method self. down is run when the class is tasked with removing the migration. It s good practice to always provide the statements in the down method that undo your actions in the up method. There are methods that work to create and their opposites, which destroy. Table 17-1 shows those methods as well as their syntax.
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If you choose the wireless method, you are returned to the Connect to a Network window (refer to Figure 7-47) where you can choose a new network to connect to. If you choose either the broadband or dialup connection, you are taken to a new screen asking you to provide information about your ISP.
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Table 6.4 Profile Keywords (Continued) KEYWORD dontuse DESCRIPTION Specifies a disk that will not be used by the installation software. If this command is not used, all disks on a system are assumed to be available for use. This command, therefore, should be used to preserve a disk that you do not want the installation to affect. Applications and data files or Web sites and their log files are some examples of files that you might want to preserve with this command if they are on a disk that you do not need for the new release. You cannot use both this keyword and the usedisk keyword in the same profile. Specifies how the installation will affect the fdisk partitions on an x86 system. If the intention is to have a dual-boot client, you want to be sure that existing partitions are not overwritten during the install. If this keyword is not used at all, existing partitions are overwritten. Three arguments are available with this keyword: diskname, type, and size. The disk argument lets you choose which disk to use. The most common format specifies the disk by controller, target, and disk (e.g., c0t3d0) or controller and disk (e.g., c0d0). Alternately, you can specify rootdisk (i.e., the installation software will determine the disk to use) or all (i.e., all of the selected disks). The type argument determines the type of fdisk partition to be created or deleted. Three values are available: solaris (a Solaris fdisk partition), dosprimary (a primary DOS fdisk partition), and DDD (an integer fdisk partition). To overwrite the existing fdisk partitions explicitly, use fdisk all solaris maxfree. One choice for preserving the existing fdisk partitions is fdisk rootdisk solaris maxfree. There are two uses for the filesys keyword: to specify which file systems are mounted automatically when the system boots and to create local file systems. Both uses affect the /etc/vfstab file on the client. If the filesys keyword is used with a remote filesystem, the first type is assumed. The remaining arguments (following the server:/filesystem argument) are server IP address, local mount points, and file system options (e.g., -o ro). If the filesys keyword specifies a local filesystem, the first argument is the slice (e.g., c0t0d0s5 or any for any available slice). The remaining arguments are the size (from the following list), the file system to create, and optional parameters.
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When working exclusively within SQL Server, the problem with data types amounts to choosing the right type for a given data-storage need. However, when moving the data from the DBMS through a data provider to a client, several layers of transition occur. For some DBMSs this is an extreme problem because the general providers supplied with OLE DB don t support many special data types. For all providers, the cost of data type conversions as data
A Miter Flange feature starts off with a sketch that is perpendicular to the starting edge of the Miter Flange feature.
Figure 22-1: Management Studio s Object Explorer lists all the user-defined functions within a database, organized by table-valued and scalar-valued.
The other option is whether or not to display the delete confirmation dialog box. If you disable it, deleted files go directly to the Recycle Bin instead of asking you if you re sure. We recommend leaving this option selected as a safety measure. It s quite a hassle to retrieve a deleted file, so the dialog box reminding us that we re about to delete our corporate earnings report is quite alright with us!
12: Error Handling
FIGURE 14.9 The assembly used for this example
Vehicular Speed
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