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Tele-Visionaries: The People Behind the Invention of Television. By Richard C. Webb Copyright 2005 the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers, Inc.
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Setting Up a Network: The Software Side
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When you click on an image in the Image Collection area, Image Viewer displays that image in the main viewing area in the window. If there are more image files in the collection than fit in the Image Collection area, you can click the scroll arrows at the left and right ends to scroll through the images. A great way to change the image file types for a large group of images is to use the Image Collection view. Select all of the images you want to change in the Image Collection area by holding down the Ctrl key and selecting each image (or holding down the Shift key and selecting the first and last images in a series). Then click File Save As from the menu bar. A Save As template dialog box appears, allowing you to change the filenames (using a common template) and the file image type.
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Step-by-step switching. (Source: AG Communications Systems Corporation.)
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Figure 6.11 UWB pulse diffracted by a semi-in nite screen.
In Dreamweaver, choose File Open from the menu to display the Open dialog box. Choose the file and click Open. If you re working with the book examples, open the makeover_09_04.html file.
a second channel to investigate the spectrum again, this time with the EUT powered on or off, allows one to determine actual signals related to the EUT. If using the A B function, ambient cancellation is performed. One disadvantage of attempting ambient cancellation with spectrum analyzers is that transient signals can pop up suddenly. Although these transients are not from the EUT, difficulty in determining actual emissions from transients can become a time-consuming task. Transients are signals that come and go almost at random; often, in the very high frequency (VHF) bands. They are usually caused by portable or mobile radio transmitters. A better alternative is to use ambient cancellation techniques using a correlation analyzer as described in s 3 and 9. Underground parking lots or cellars can have quieter RF environments for performing open-area tests, although they may exhibit cavity impedance or reflection conditions. In actuality, the further away from a noisy RF environment for an OATS installation, the better the performance will be. To resolve problems with ambient signals for radiated emissions, use of shielded enclosures are preferred. These enclosures are recommended only for precompliance work. Only when a product is compliant within a chamber or a shielded enclosure, when known frequencies are recorded can one go to an OATS and fight their way through the ambient environment. Another option is to use a correlation analyzer as mentioned previously. This type of analyzer performs true ambient cancellation in real time, unlike the A B technique described earlier with its inherent problems. There are alternate methods of performing radiated emissions tests. Most EMC standards require a measurement distance of 10 m. For precompliance purposes, it is common to measure at 3 m and increase the limit line by 10 dB. Measuring at a closer distance allows use of smaller test sites, sometimes within an empty portion of a corporate building. A smaller test distance improves the signal-to-noise ratio of measured signals. An improved signal-to-noise ratio becomes important when working with lower cost spectrum analyzers or EMC receivers. It is important to remember that a system may be compliant at 3 m and noncompliant at 10 m due to signal reflection from the ground plane and other nearby metallic structures or other factors. Correlating data do not always provide accuracy between the two distances. The NSA requirements for a 10-m OATS, as specified in ANSI C63.4 and EN 55022 (CISPR-22 [2]), are shown in Figure 7.3. Such OATSs are not difficult or expensive to set up and can be temporary structures with metal mesh ground planes that can be rolled up and stored away. Parking lots are acceptable as temporary site for use at night or on weekends. 7.1.5 Instrumentation Error Errors can be caused by instrumentation problems affecting accuracy of measurement. During preliminary testing the system may appear to have minimal EMI, thus giving a false sense of security. The system is certified and placed into production. Perhaps unknown to the test engineer, another person (not necessarily an engineer)
sldprt. This part is shown in Figure 19.7.
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9.2.2 Helical Antennas
Defining the Loop
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