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Server Environment Information
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Before you start the Evolution wizard, it ll help if you have several pieces of information handy. Most of this information you should be able to obtain from your email Internet Service Provider (ISP):
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APC, which stands for Alternative PHP Cache, is an alternative opcode cache to eAccelerator that doesn t have to be compiled to work. In fact, it s a PECL module. PECL, which stands for PHP Extension Community Library, is a sub-project of the PHP community, hosted at http://pecl., that provides a variety of community-supplied libraries for PHP. Generally, installing a PECL module is as simple as typing pecl install apc.
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If you insert a blank master, PowerPoint names it Custom Design. You can apply a more descriptive name. For example, if you add your company logo to a custom master, rename the master as Logo.
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Figure 4-32: Aero Peek provides a way to peek behind onscreen windows and see what s on the desktop.
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Figure 17-1: Windows Aero is gorgeous-looking but can drain a notebook s battery more quickly than other Windows 7 user interface options.
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(Top metal extended to the lateral side)
An add-on warning.
Most VNAs allow an external power meter to be con gured to communicate with the analyzer for calibration purposes. On newer analyzers, the sensor of the power meter can be zeroed and calibrated from the network analyzer interface prior to calibration. The rst step in performing a power calibration is to ensure that the source inside the network analyzer is outputting an accurate power level across the speci ed sweep range. This calibration sweep is time consuming because of the communications between the network analyzer and the power meter. The number of sweep points can be reduced to speed the process, at the expense of having less trace data from the measurement. Once the network analyzer source is outputting power levels with power meter accuracy, the receiver calibration ensures that the power level produced by the source is read as the same power level by the receiver in the VNA.
Working with Specialized Functionality
Gaming on Windows Vista Ultimate
Client s designated name server 1. Query 6. Results
In Windows Server 2008, auditing provides a means of tracking events. It is an important facet of security for individual computers as well as the enterprise. Microsoft de nes an event as any signi cant occurrence in the operating system or an application that requires users (particularly administrators) to be noti ed. Events are recorded in event logs that you can manage by using the Event Viewer snap-in.
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