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That s because your site will probably end up listed in some search engine somewhere, without too much time and effort from you. Elements that naturally occur on a web site like the title of the site, the URL, included web links, and even some of the content will probably land you in a search engine (unless those elements are black-hat SEO efforts, in which case the engine could permanently exclude you). The question is where in the results will you land Without attention from you, that might not be as high in the rankings as you would like. Organic SEO maximizes those naturally occurring elements, building upon each element to create a site that will naturally fall near the top of the search engine results pages (SERPs). One of the most attractive features of organic SEO is that the methods used to achieve high SERPs rankings are of no cost other than the time it takes to implement these ideas. However, there is a trade-off. Achieving organic SEO can take anywhere from three to six months. For web site owners impatient to see results from their SEO efforts, this can seem like an eternity. But it s worth the extra time if the budget is an issue.
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Figure 3.8 shows the waveforms at the source vS and at the load vL when T << RLC. The charge and discharge time of the capacitor is much longer than the repetition period. This implies that the capacitor is not able to follow the variation of the
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Working with Assemblies
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Building Intelligence into Your Parts
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Xbox 360 video game consoles, Media Center Extenders, and other digital media receivers, as well as any shared media libraries on Windows-based PCs. Each of these items behaves a bit differently. For example, if you click a shared media library, Windows Media Player 11 will load and display the shared library. Doubleclick a Media Center Extender and Windows Media Center will launch, enabling you to configure connectivity between the two. And if you double-click an Xbox 360 or other digital media receiver, Windows Media Player will launch and present its Media Sharing interface so you can configure sharing with that device. Network infrastructure: Your broadband router will show up here as long as it s compatible with modern networking technologies such as Universal Plug and Play (UPnP). Double-clicking this icon usually loads the device s Web-based management console, which varies from manufacturer to manufacturer. Other devices: When Network Explorer detects other network devices but can t correctly identify them, it places them in the Other Devices category and provides a generic icon. Windows Home Server ( 10) causes such an icon to appear, for example. Double-clicking one of these icons triggers a UPnP event which, in the case of Windows Home Server, launches IE and displays the server s Webbased welcome page.
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How you assign IP addresses depends on whether your systems are connected to the public Internet. Systems connected to the Internet directly, rather than through a proxy server or other device doing NAT, must have unique, valid IP addresses, often termed legal addresses. This means you can t arbitrarily choose an address range for these systems. Instead, you need to obtain an address range from your ISP to ensure that you are using unique addresses (and that proper routing takes place). The number of addresses you need to obtain depends on how many hosts you will have on the public side of your proxy server or other NAT device, if any. For example, assume you con gure your network so that a proxy server sits between the router and all other hosts. You would need only three public addresses: one for each side of the router and one for the public side of the proxy server. The hosts on the private side of the proxy server can use private addresses. If your network is not connected to the Internet, you could theoretically choose any network address range, including a public range in use by someone else, but you will not be able to connect your network to the Internet. You should, however, follow the convention of using one of the reserved address ranges for your private network (discussed previously in this chapter), because it will make life easier for you if you install NAT services. You won t have to re-address all of your hosts later if you decide to connect the network to the Internet you simply provide some means of NAT through a router (such as Routing and Remote Access Service, RRAS, discussed later) or a proxy server.
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and discard the words that are not relevant. Once you ve translated the words, and expanded your [second language] keyword list, then you must see if the words are still relevant, and if they are back translated translated back to English are they also still relevant Our thinking is around liberating the SEO environment. Once translated, then we could build a glossary that whenever you translate one word, this is what you should use for this word in this language. Then you could write all of the content around those keywords. And it would be based on the keywords that have already been examined and carefully chosen. Jerri: Does the localized way people think affect how they consider SEO localization Otter: The way people think does play a role in localization. I think it does. An American might not think of localization as much as people in other countries do, but that s changing. A lot of education is required to help people understand the need to present localized web sites, but I would say it varies by corporate culture. We suggest that you find an SEO partner when you re localizing your web site. We don t recommend hiring an individual, because in our experience, individuals aren t equipped to handle localization. Find a partner that specializes in translation, because a company like that has more resources and can return a translation to you that s been validated or approved. Once you ve decided what keywords you want, you can build a glossary of those terms so the next time a word comes up, the proper translation for that word is already decided upon. Another tool you can use is a translation memory. A translation memory allows you to analyze your pages against the translation memory to leverage existing translations. This is a method that s often used in translation to speed the process and to keep the content consistent. Translators come and go. But you need consistency and you need to achieve the correct translations as quickly as possible. We also work with our clients to understand their link structure. Links are important in SEO, but translating a link is a little more difficult than translating a word or phrase. So we work with clients to understand their link structure. So we do essentially a translation of the links on a page to make it possible to contain a link hierarchy.
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