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One advantage of using horn antennas lies in their ability to have a high gain compared to omnidirectional antennas. The gain of a passive antenna really means less loss compared to a standard reference of an isotropic source. This high gain is sometimes required when low-level fields have to be detected and measured. Also, certain receiver noise figures have limitations in their front end regarding detecting low-level signal. Gains of horn antennas vary from approximately 10 to 30 dB over the frequency range of 1 40 GHz.
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Remember that when editing unconstrained 3D sketches, it is best to do it from orthogonal views. Any points you drag move in the plane of the screen. The best way to edit the size of the spline is to view it from the Top view, and drag out individual spline points. n
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The Rollback bar at the bottom of the FeatureManager enables you to see the part in various states of history. Features can be added while the rollback bar is at any location. The model can also be saved while rolled back.
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n December 28, 2004, Matt Mullenweg, the founder of WordPress, announced on a new blog that he had spent a weekend over the holidays hacking together a lightweight forum software that he dubbed bbPress. He wrote it because all of the forum software that existed at the time had restrictive licensing and too many features. He wanted to develop forum software that could be used in a similar fashion as WordPress. Five years later, bbPress has come a long way. In fact, as of BuddyPress 1.1 (a suite of WordPress plugins and themes), bbPress is included as a one-click install add-on.
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Unregistering the default WordPress search widget
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SolidWorks Draft is surprisingly powerful for as simple as it is. All of the aspects of working with Draft could take up an entire chapter all on its own. I will try to hit the most important points in this brief synopsis. The Draft feature creates three types of draft: n Neutral Plane draft. Drafts faces from a plane or planar face. n Parting Line draft. Drafts faces from selected edges. n Step draft. Drafts faces from parting line edges, and can create a step at the parting line. Figure 32.11 shows the PropertyManager of the draft feature, including the Draft Xpert, which is discussed later in this section.
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Figure 11.6-3. Range and status parameter.
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Table 13.7
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6. Filter
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You could start every document this way: Frame out your page by using div tags and then provide each div with an id attribute, which you ll use to style it. Once you re happy with the general layout, you can start filling in the sections. For this exercise and the next, you ll embed your styles in the head tag. As you ve done before, add a style tag between the head tags and then type your style rules there. The header requires no special attention from a layout perspective, but you ll give it a few styles so you can see it on the page. You ll set a height in order for it to show up on the page when it doesn t have any content. You don t need to give it a width because a div s default width is the span of the containing element the window, in this case. You ll also set a background color and a bottom margin:
CHAPTER 7 Networking
While Alexander Graham Bell s photophone proved to be impractical, it was the early precursor to the optical technologies that have forever altered the telecommunications landscape. The 1940s saw the rst experiments conducted with waveguides, involving both microwave radio and optical transmission systems. Such waveguides were rigid, insulated pipes which served to contain the electromagnetic energy and channel it from end to end, while offering protection from outside interference. While signi cant transmission speeds can be realized through this technique, it is seldom used other than in high-power feeds to broadcast antennas the physical con guration is obviously impractical. It was clear that exible glass bers offered much more potential as a transmission medium for light. As early as the 1950s, the efforts of the American Optical Corporation resulted in optical ber cable that could carry light signals a few feet. It was at Standard Telecommunications Laboratories in 1966 that Charles Kao and George Hockham developed the rst practical conceptual breakthrough the purity of the glass was the issue. During the early 1970s, the rst practical ber-optic systems were developed. These systems were made possible by the manufacturing of glass bers pure enough to permit the transmission of light over long distances with little signal loss. Donald Keck, Bob Maurer, and Peter Schultz of Corning, continued that work with fused silica for both the core and the cladding, adding controlled levels of impurities to the core to make its refractive index slightly higher than the cladding [21]. At roughly the same time, AT&T Bell Telephone Laboratories invented laser diodes, which serve as light sources in high-speed optical transmitters. Since then, ber-optic development has progressed to the point that virtually all high-speed networks are based on ber-optic technology. Conventional ber-optic transmission systems are optoelectric in nature. In other words, they involve a combination of optical and electrical electromagnetic energy. The signal originates as an electrical signal which is translated into an optical signal which subsequently is reconverted into an electrical signal at the receiving end. Optical repeaters go through an optoelectric conversion process as they boost the signal strength at various points in long-haul transmission systems. (Note: Optical ampli ers are another matter, as discussed later in this chapter.) 9 presents a detailed discussion of SONET, a set of international standards for ber-optic transmission systems. 2.9.1 Wavelengths and Windows
2 Click a Layout Master. 3 Click the Insert Placeholder 4 Click a placeholder type.
The interface
Phishing Filter is turned on by default. It sends Web sites you visit that aren t part of an automatically downloaded known-safe list to a master list on a Microsoft server for verification. What s more, it hunts through unknown sites for cloaked links like the previous example.
To use the Copy Settings Wizard, follow these steps:
Radio frame (10 ms)
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