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It s as simple as that. Using a graphical FTP client makes transferring lots of files via FTP almost painless.
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24: Database Server
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if a referenced dimension can be created and used with multiple chains of different regular dimensions (e.g., a Geography dimension used with both Store and Customer dimensions), the referenced option will be more storage and processing efficient. Referenced relationships can chain together dimensions to any depth. Create the referenced relationship in the Define Relationship dialog by selecting an intermediate dimension by which the referenced dimension relates to the measure group. Then choose the attributes by which the referenced and intermediate dimensions relate. Normally, the Materialize option should be selected for best performance.
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Passive Listings and Advertising. Perhaps not as appropriate internally, but how do buyers know that you re there and what your capabilities are How are you listed in the company directory (e.g., as HR or as consulting ) Are there bulletin boards and web sites you should be a part of to offer services Is your Rolodex card on people s desktops Television and Radio Interviews. These may be tough but are
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Revisiting Active Directory Design Goals
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Figure 5-16: Windows Search truly is instant, assuming you re using the search box:
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If you do not have a Google user name, you can create one when you sign up for the application. It s simple. Provide your e-mail address and a password, type the verification word from the graphic provided, and then read the Terms of Service and click I accept. Create my account. Once you ve created your user name and password, accessing the tracking capabilities of Google is no problem. You ll need to copy a snippet of text that Google provides into the coding of your web site. Once you ve added the code to your site it will take a few days for Google to gather enough information to provide reports about your site, and as much as two months to gather enough data to give you real insight into your site. But once there is enough data, you ll have access to the keywords that most often lead visitors to your site. Google Analytics can also be combined with Google s AdWords program to provide paid keyword tracking and information. To learn more about Google Analytics, check out the book Google Analytics 2.0 by Mary Tyler and Jerri Ledford (Wiley, Aug 2007, ISBN: 978-0470175019). It should be noted that Google Analytics doesn t track spiders and crawlers at this time, however, so there may be some limitations to its SEO functionality. Still, if you need a (free) tool to help you examine some of the metrics surrounding your SEO efforts, Google Analytics is a good starting point.
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A test scenario measures the accuracy of the database by comparing the answers to test queries with the predictable results. A complex query that runs against 27 million rows is difficult to test for accuracy. Contrast that with a test scenario a carefully crafted set of data that represents all possible data combinations but is small enough (10 50 rows per table) that the correct answer to any query is easily calculated by a human. The test scenario should be implemented in an easily repeatable script, CreateScenario.sql, that creates the database and inserts the sample data, much like this book s sample database scripts. The test script, TestScenario.sql, executes the stored procedures and views in the data abstraction layer and compares the result with the known correct result. Ideally, the test scenario database and test script are developed prior to developing the data abstraction layer. The data abstraction layer is then developed to solve for the correct responses to the test script.
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