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(Idc . VD) = 48%. Suppose now that the same MOS amplifier is operated in class B instead of class A. According to Figure 10.42, at Oc - iT/2, RLopt is 1.33 x (VD - Vknee)/Imax = 119.7Q. Pout-opt from Figure 10.40 is 0.12 x (VD - Vkee) X /max = 0.027 W. From Figure 10.41, zff-opt = 48% x (VD - Vknee)/VD = 43.2%. These calculations demonstrate that both Pout and Fff are higher when the device operates in class A rather than class B. This conclusion, however, is restricted to
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FIGURE 18.4 Placing a library feature with dimensions
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Part III: Working with Themes and Template Tags
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If you prefer to have users use the built-in WordPress Gravatar system, provide a different means of rendering avatars, or simply not support them at all, you can disable picture uploads by deselecting this radio button. One possible reason to disable this is server disk space limitations. However, if your community becomes large, it is likely that users will want to have photo uploads enabled.
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To improve performance, it is best to pattern subassemblies if possible. If it is not possible, then patterning a group of parts is the next best option. Making multiple patterns, one for each part, is an inefficient way to accomplish the same thing.
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As with Windows Media Center, Microsoft has taken the Tablet PC functionality it developed over the course of Windows XP and Vista, enhanced it, and made it available to far more users in Windows 7. Whether you have a traditional Tablet PC, a convertible laptop, a PC with a touch-based screen, an Ultra-Mobile PC (UMPC), or even a normal desktop or notebook computer, there s a Tablet PC feature in Windows 7 that s sure to delight. We hope that as this technology goes more mainstream, more people will become comfortable with this alternative form of computer interaction that could yet change the world.
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Placing a forming tool
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At other frequencies within the frequency bandwidth, f = 6864 7392 MHz,
While this true story is told with tongue in cheek, it comes close to characterizing the attitudes of many frustrated team members in this era of vaporware and getting to market at any cost. In an attempt to understand why some teams succeed and others do not, experts have studied the magic of the natural-born leaders. These studies produced project manager attribute models similar to those we referenced in 18. Although relevant and important, this leadership approach alone, based on the characteristics of the leaders in the studies, does not yield teams that are consistently successful. This approach fails to consider the importance of the process, tools, and the team members attitudes toward essential project management techniques. Teams within organizations known for their expertise in project management would sometimes violate basic best practices resulting in failures of the worst kind as described in previous chapters. When we became aware that most of these project failures were not caused by the problems of advanced technology, but rather by the failure to implement fundamental and basic project management techniques, we looked for root causes, or the ultimate why. In each of these cases, a fundamental project management practice was overlooked, ignored, or circumvented. In every case, the properly applied project management technique would have prevented the project failure. We set out to discover what caused project teams to ignore proven practices. Fortunately, our business causes us to routinely interface with substantial numbers of skilled project personnel including government agencies and contractors, commercial hardware and software companies, and graduate students, at several universities, pursuing project management careers. We typically survey participants entering our training programs. The survey collects the participant s candid attitudes about how they value a selected group of important project management techniques prior to receiving training. The summary of responses (Figure 21.3) from approximately 20,000 participants represent the percentage of positive responses for some of the most important techniques. Our premise with this questionnaire is that personnel who are negative, neutral, or have no opinion toward a technique cannot be expected to pursue and support the technique in the proj-
26 Developing for SQL Server Everywhere
Log delity Range of log delity IF gain uncertainty Resolution bandwidth switching Calibrator Calibrator log IF gain resolution bandwidth switching +0.07 dB Unlimited None +0.03 dB +0.24 dB +0.85 dB 100 dB +1.0 dB +0.5 dB +0.3 dB +2.65 dB
Suggested configuration for Lighttpd to handle WordPress permalinks
Fig. 13.22
4. Select the file you would like to open.
Tools, Options
Cons of the Data Provider Pattern
WITH CTE1Name (parameters) AS (Simple Subquery) WITH CTE2Name (parameters) AS (Simple Subquery) SELECT... FROM CTE1Name JOIN CTE2Name ON ...
Toward a Cure for the Flaw of Averages
'Add a Parameter object to replace our single parameter _ (@CustomerID) Dim oCustomerIDParam As SqlClient.SqlParameter = _ oCommand.Parameters.Add("@CustomerID", SqlDbType.NVarChar, 4) oCustomerIDParam.Value = "A%"
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