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Implied Volatility, the Uncertainty Gauge
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FigurE 8-7: With Find On Page, you can find text in the current web page.
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This feature has two major functions: inserting a body as the starting point for a new part, and inserting a body to be used as a tool to modify an existing part. Notice that the basket part shown in Figure 26.11 and Figure 26.12 also uses Insert Part to put together bodies to form a finished part. When you use Insert Part, there is no Insert Part feature that becomes part of the tree. Instead, a part icon is shown with the name of the part being inserted as a feature. Also notice in Figure 26.19 that the Launch move dialog option appears at the bottom, and is on by default. This option launches the Move dialog box after you insert the part. This Move feature is the same as the Move/Copy Bodies feature, with the same options (translate or rotate by distance or angles, or use assembly-like mates to position bodies). Insert Part is used in many situations, some of which are covered in s 11 and 28 in the sections on Skeleton techniques and Master Model.
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94. H. Shin, C.-C. King, R. Moazzami, T. Horiuchi, and C. Hu, "Characterization of Thin Oxide Damage During Aluminium itching and Photoresist Ashing Processes," VLSITSA Proc. 210-213 (1991). 95. K. Hashimoto, "Charge Damage Cau;ed by Electron Shading Effects," Jpn. J.Apple. Phys. 33, 6013-6018 (1994). 96. Y. Uraoka, K. Eriguchi, T. Tamaki, anc K. Tsuji, "Evaluation Technique of Gate Oxide Damage," IEEE Trans. Semiconduct. Mfg. 7, 293 (1994). 97. H. Shin, C.-C. King, and C. Hu, "Thin Oxide Damage by Plasma Etching and Ashing Processes," IEEE Proc. IRPS 37 (1992). 98. P. Tanner, S. Dimitrijev, Y.-T. Yeow, and H. B. Harrison, "Measurement of Plasma Etch Damage by a New Slow Trap Profiling Technique," IEEE Electron Device Lett. EDL17, 515 (1996). 99. K. R. Mistry, B. J. Fishbein, and B. S Doyle, "Effect of Plasma-Induced Charging Damage on n-Channel and p-Channel IdOSFET Hot Carrier Reliability," IRPS Proc.42 (1994). 100. J. C. King, and C. Hu, "Effect of Low and High Temperature Anneal on ProcessInduced Damage of Gate Oxides," IEEE Electron Device Lett. EDL-15, 475 (1994). 101. R. Rakkhit, F. P. Heiler, P. Fang, and C. Sander, "Process Induced Oxide Damage and Its Implications to Device Reliability of Submicron Transistors," IEEE IRPS Proc. 293 1993. 102. C. T. Gabriel, and M. J. Weling, "Gate Oxide Damage Reduction Using a Protective Dielectric Layer," IEEE Electron Dev'ice Letters EDL-15, 269 (1994). 103. Y. Yunogama, T. Mizutani, K. Suzuki, and S. Nishimatsu, "Radiation Damage in Si0 2/ Si Induced by VUV Photons," Jpn. J. 4ppl. Phys. 28, 2172 (1988). 104. M. Sherony, A. J. Chen, K. R. Mistry, D. A. Antoniadis, and B. S. Doyle, "Comparison of Plasma-Induced Charging Damage n Bulk and SOI MOSFETs," IEEE Int. SO1 Conf. 21 (1993). 105. S. Ma, private communication. 106. T. Kaga, and T. Hagiwara, "Short- and Long Term Reliability of Nitrided Oxide MOSFET's," IEEE Trans. Electron Devices ED-35, 929 (1988). 107. T. Hori, and H. Iwasaki, "Improved Hot-Carrier Immunity in Submicrometer MOSFET's with Reoxidized Nitrided Oxide'. Prepared by Rapid Thermal Proc Processing," IEEE Electron Device Lett. EDL-12, 64 (1989). 108. K. R. Mistry, and B. S. Doyle, "AC Hot Carrier Lifetimes in Oxide and ROXNOX n-Channel MOSFETs," IEDM Proc. 727 (1991). 109. B. J. Gross, K. S. Krisch, and C. G. Sodiini, "An Optimized 850 C Low-Pressure-Furnace Reoxidized Nitrided Oxide (ROXNOX) Process," IEEE Trans. Electron Devices ED-38, 2036 (1991). 110. H. S. Momose, T. Morimoto, Y Ozawa, K. Yamage, and H. Iwai, "Electrical Characteristics of Rapid Thermal Nit:ided-Oxide Gate n- and p-MOSFET's with Less than 1 Atom% Nitrogen Concentration," IEEE Trans. Electron Devices ED-41, 546 (1994). 111. T. Hori, T. Yasui, and S. Akamatsu, "Hot-Carrier Effects in MOSFET's with NitridedOxide Gate-Dielectrics Prepared by Rapid Thermal Processing," IEEE Trans. Electron Devices ED-39, 134 (1992).
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Be sure to remove the installation disc before the reboot occurs; otherwise, you are taken back to the beginning of the installation process.
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This tutorial uses the BibleBikeAssembly.sldasm file found on the CD-ROM for 12. Open the file and follow these steps to learn about managing the FeatureManager:
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FIGURE 32.30 Projecting non-planar sections
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The shortest time interval that is used for higher-priority 802.11 control packets such as acknowledgments.
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control panel is a section called Share libraries and printers. From here, you can check (enable) and uncheck (disable) the sharing of pictures, documents, music, videos, and printers. The first four items are shared on a per-Library basis. You can, however, share other items via the homegroup. There are two instances in which this may be desirable. First, you may have created custom libraries. Second, you may simply have a folder of whatever files somewhere, outside of a library, that you d like to share. To share nonstandard libraries or any other folders via your homegroup, simply navigate to that location with Windows Explorer. Then, click the Share toolbar button and choose Share with and then either Homegroup (Read) (for read-only access) or Homegroup (Read/Write) (for full access).
Working with Sketches
Monitoring Your Replication Solution
The integrity of the transmitted data is of prime importance. Several techniques exist for error detection and, ideally, correction. The three basic modes of error control are recognition and agging, recognition and retransmission, and recognition and forward error correction:
Create a password reset disk
The most important thing to keep in mind when running bringup is that the domain that is currently set as the $SUNW_HOSTNAME environment variable is the one the command will affect. This is true of most E10000-specific commands. This is the hostname that you enter upon logging in as SSP, and the one that will be prominently displayed in your prompt (PS1). It is important to always check what this value is set to before executing a domain-specific command. To switch between domains, use the command domain_switch domainname (pretty straightforward). bringup can be run with many options, which are profiled at the end of this chapter. The most basic and important option is -A. A bringup -A off will bring the system to the OpenBoot PROM by default, whereas a bringup -A on will boot the system normally (that is, if an OS is installed in one way or another). You can also pass boot arguments to the OpenBoot PROM by specifying them at the end of the command line. Following is the complete output from the successful completion of a bringup command. This is what the output should look like (with the exception of the configuration-specific lines) when bringup runs with no errors:
6: JavaScript
which indicates that the number of simultaneous users is reduced by the use of orthogonal coding. However, we should note that the data rate of the individual users, and consequently, the bandwidth ef ciency of the system, are improved by a factor log2 K, as shown by MR b M log2 KR s M log2 K = = = (10.5.11) W W N where Rs is the symbol transmission rate.
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