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FIGURE 4.26 The audio device s Properties dialog box
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After you ve performed those steps, you can head over to your Xbox 360 and surf through your media files and play them through the entertainment center it s connected to.
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You can choose to automatically unlock a BitLocker To Go protected disk on a per-PC basis. This is arguably safe to do if you provide a password when you log on to your PC. And it s certainly more convenient than retyping the device password every time you plug it in. If you do enable this option, it will not affect how BitLocker To Go functions on other PCs.
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so providing easy integration, interoperability between applications, knowledge maintenance and re-use. Multi-protocol client access to allow different users and applications to use the system via the most ef cient transportation media. Knowledge control. The following features are considered:
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-- User Defined Rules CREATE RULE BirthdateRule AS @Birthdate <= Getdate();
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With E O = 0,
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Adaptive equalizer
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FIGURE 20.10 A film, dragged to the storyboard
3 An experiment for developing a shared ontology of a world-wide distributed research community is described in Benjamins et al. (1999). 4 Steps in the direction we recommend are supported in ontology mappings (cf. Omelayenko and Fensel, 2002) and re-use (cf. Ding and Fensel, 2002).
6: Getting More from Your Sketches
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