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Figure 5.8.12 Schematic representation of normal (a) and surface sensitive (b) X-ray uorescence excitation. Taken from Oyanagi et al.63 The critical angle of X-ray total re ection is denoted by c . Total re ection geometry can reduce the probing depth by several orders of magnitude, achieving a surface-sensitive excitation. Reproduced by permission of International Union of Crystallography
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not an efficient technique. Although I do not have an experiment in this chapter to prove it, I believe that creating a pattern of a smaller number of complex bodies using a large number of features in the patterned body would show a performance improvement over patterning the features. Another disadvantage of patterning or mirroring bodies is that it does not allow you to be selective. You cannot mirror the body minus a couple of features; without doing some shuffling of feature order in the FeatureManager. Another disadvantage is that if the base of the part has already been mirrored by a symmetrical sketch technique, then body mirroring is not going to help you mirror the subsequent features. Also, the Merge Bodies option does not work as you would want it to. It merges only those bodies that are part of the mirror to bodies that are part of the mirror. Pattern Bodies does not even have an option to merge bodies. Both of these functions are often going to require an additional combine (for solid bodies) or knit (for surface bodies) to put the final results together.
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At the far right of the top panel you ll find several icons and information. These are panel applets. Panel applets are small utilities that run in the background and appear on the panel as icons to show real-time information. Depending on the type of system you re using to run Ubuntu (laptop or desktop) and the features you have installed (such as network cards, modems, and proprietary video cards), you ll see different applets on the panel. Some of the most common applets that you may find running are
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The Surfaces toolbar, shown in Figure 2.22, contains mainly surface features. However, several non-surface features are also included in this toolbar by default. These features include Freeform and Fillet, which belong to the Features toolbar, and the Reference Geometry and Curves flyouts.
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The Data Sources tool is one of the few administrative tools that functions as a standalone utility, rather than an MMC snap-in.
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Part I
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Figure 4.A.5 Simulation A: LC balun with no added parts.
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The X.Org environment in Ubuntu is rapidly developing and changing. Further advances and ideas are implemented in each new Ubuntu distribution. Currently, the core utility for configuring your video settings in the Ubuntu desktop is the Screen Resolution utility. Start the Screen Resolution utility from the Panel menu by selecting System Preferences Screen Resolution. The main Screen Resolution utility dialog box, shown in Figure 16-2, appears.
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When I say yank out, I really mean quite the opposite, because you need to go slowly and carefully to avoid ruining your motherboard! The annoying little clips that hold memory modules in place are notoriously fragile, and if you break one off, well, you can t use that memory slot anymore! Unlike other types of add-in circuit boards, like video boards or internal modems, memory modules need the clips to keep the modules securely in place so they ll work properly.
There are some changes in the way business is carried out in the new version of the Windows server operating system in regard to user and group permissions. Group types such as Local and Global still exist, with the addition of the Universal group type. Local groups are local to the server from which the ADUC console is being accessed. Global groups may contain members from anywhere in the domain. Universal groups allow members from anywhere in the forest. This information is kept in the Global Catalog (GC) for reference throughout the domain, and to aid domain controllers in authenticating users in the directory to enterprise-wide resources. These three group attributes are referred to as the group scope. In addition to the group scope, two group types or categories exist: security groups and distribution groups. The distinction between the two is how security is applied: security groups are used in Access Control Lists, or ACLs, to authenticate users to resources, and distribution groups are used solely for e-mail applications. Windows 2000 carries over the following user and groups features from Windows NT, shown in Tables 12.1, 12.2, and 12.3. New additions to the operating system groups, users, and permissions include a built-in group called Replicator that allows replication of files in the domain. Groups that are (usually) created on promotion of the server and fall into the new category include:
Snap-ins are just one of the objects you can add to an MMC console. Other objects include ActiveX controls, links to Web pages, folders, taskpad views, and tasks. The previous section explained taskpad views and tasks. The following list summarizes the additional items: ActiveX controls. You can add ActiveX controls to a console as the details/results view (right pane) for the selected node of the tree. The System Monitor Control that displays system performance status in Performance Monitor is an example of an ActiveX control. Choose Console Add or Remove Snap-In, select ActiveX Control from the list, and then click Add. The MMC provides a wizard to help you embed ActiveX controls, prompting you for additional information when necessary.
Moving tabs and snap in a single Move Face feature
31: Using Weldments
Part VI
There are several ways to open a new sketch in SolidWorks: n Click a sketch entity toolbar button from the Sketch toolbar; SolidWorks prompts you to select a sketch plane. When you select the plane, the sketch opens. n Preselect a plane or planar face and then click either a sketch entity button or the Sketch button. n Right-mouse button (RMB) click a plane or planar face and select Insert Sketch. You can open existing sketches in several ways: n RMB click a sketch in the FeatureManager or graphics window, and select Edit Sketch. n Select a sketch from the FeatureManager or graphics window, and click the Sketch button on the Sketch toolbar. n Double-click a sketch with the Move/Size Features tool active.
reference length of 256 bits.
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