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28. Allard, Hank. Remote LAN Access: Strategies & Solutions. Network World, Technical Seminars, 1995. 29. Gangler, Barbara. Remote Possibilities. Internetwork, June 1995. 30. Finneran, Michael. Life in the Fast LAN. Business Communications Review, May 1995. 31. Rosen, Ron. User s Guide to 100Base-T and 100VG-AnyLAN. In Slone, John P. (Ed.), Handbook of Local Area Networks. Auerbach Publications, 1995. 32. Peri, Ron. Life in the Fast Lane. Communications Week, January 23, 1995. 33. Sullivan, Kristina B. Promise of FDDI Holds True. PC Week, January 15, 1996. 34. Implementing FDDI in Enterprise LANs. SysKonnect, 1995. 35. Heneghan, Hank. New Con gurations Make FDDI More Survivable. Network World, November 20, 1995. 36. Korzeniowski, Paul. Sun Setting on FDDI. Business Communications Review, April 1999. 37. Axner, David. Going Gigabit. Network World, July 20, 1998. 38. Fontana, John. Gig Ethernet Juices Up NT. InternetWeek, September 7, 1998. 39. Fontana, John Jumbo Frames Support Reaches Critical Mass. InternetWeek, October 26, 1998. 40. Lounsbury, Al. Gigabit Ethernet: The Difference Is in the Details. Data Communications, May 1997. 41. Ruby, Douglas. Can Ethernet Go End to End Network World, September 17, 2001. 42. Allen, Doug. 10 Gigabit Ethernet Reaches for The Metro. Network Magazine, October 2001. 43. Rixmer, Rob. 10G Ethernet: We ll All Use It Someday. Interactive Week, December 31, 2001. 44. Korzeniowski, Paul. 10 Gigabits and Beyond. Interactive Week, December 31, 2001. 45. Karve, Anita. The Wide World of Wireless. Network Magazine, December 1997. 46. Conover, Joel. 802.11a: Making Space for Speed. Network Computing, January 8, 2001. 47. Anderson, Fred. 802.11a Speeds Wireless LANs. Network World, January 29, 2001. 48. Cox, John. Switch Broadens Wireless Capabilities. Network World, February 17, 2003. 49. Gohring, Nancy. A Switch in Time. Network World, May 19, 2003. 50. Davis, Jeff. Centralized Wireless LAN: Thin vs. Fat Technology. Cabling Business Magazine, November 2004. 51. Wexler, Joanie. Mesh Moves into the Wireless Of ce. Computerworld, November 29, 2004. 52. Sturdevant, Cameron. Payoff for Power over Ethernet. Eweek, February 24, 2003. 53. Lehr, Amir. 802.3af Powers Up LAN, Lowers Cost. Network World, March 10, 2003. 54. Mitchell, Robert L. Ethernet s Power Play. ComputerWorld, May 26, 2003. 55. Hochmuth, Phil. Power over Ethernet Generates Buzz. Network World, November 24, 2003. 56. Mendelson, Galit. Expanding Existing Capabilities with Power over Ethernet. Cabling Business Magazine, June 2004. 57. Schmidt, John. Power-over-Ethernet Considerations. Cabling Business Magazine, August 2005. 58. Gorman, Cheryl. Power over Ethernet Injectors. Cabling Business Magazine, October 2005.
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Grid computing provides a method of sharing resources across a group of users from a small work group to one that is globally distributed in a manner that is transparent to the users. The object of a grid is to maximize use of these resources. In the networks that the authors have managed in the past, resources were almost always allocated in a way that did not maximize their use. Some servers were overused and required nearly constant attention, while others housed resources that were rarely tapped. Some disks filled, while others sat idle. Grids provide maximum usage of system resources by virtualizing them, allowing resources to be accessible across a large domain of users regardless of where or how they are logged in, by allowing resources to be controlled through policy, and by providing tools that facilitate monitoring and managing the grid. Grids are divided into three levels of size and complexity, as follows: Global grids. Provide geographically dispersed resources controlled by policies and protocols. Enterprise grids. Allow groups of projects or departments to share resources. Cluster grids. Allow a single group to use a particular resource or service. Cluster grids are the simplest and smallest form of grid computing and are geared toward managing other resources such as midrange servers, software clusters, and shared storage in a heterogeneous computing environment. code generate qr barcode
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Because Solaris 9 is distributed on more than one CD, you will need to use the command shown below to add software from CD #2:
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Figure 5-26: Examining your computer s disk drive partition recommendations.
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6.1 OVERVIEW OF CONDUCTED CURRENTS Interference sources, both external and internal to electrical equipment, and their respective power supplies can have RF energy couple both into and out of cables and
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Developing a response plan isn t something you can do overnight. You need complete knowledge of the servers as well as all the applications they are hosting. To get this kind of information, you more than likely need to interview several dozen people in your organization. After obtaining a list of all the equipment and people you need to involve in the response plan, make a rough outline of the plan. Although you could easily spend a month writing it, you can never
Then proceed classically, using the pseudo-observations of y* instead of y. At first sight the following approach might also look attractive. First, fit the largest model, yielding y ( P ) .This amounts to an ordinary weighted least squares fit with modified weights (7.144). Now freeze the weights w and proceed in the classical i fashion, using yi and the same weights w for all models. However, this gives i improper (inconsistent) values for the denominator of (7.178), and for monotone @-functions it is not even outlier-resistant.
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