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Timing of Short-Term Supply Voltage Variations Time at Reduced Voltage 1 s 20% 1 s 20% x Time for Increasing Voltage 2 s 20% 2 s 20% x
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FIGURE 6.23 Using the FeatureManager Filter to search for meta data
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ALTER TABLE TableName ADD ColumnName DATATYPE Attributes;
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The Standard 3 View tool on the Drawings toolbar can also be accessed at Insert Drawing View Standard 3 View. This places a Front view, and projects Top and Right views for thirdangle projection drawings.
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Description Automatically adds backslashes to single and double quotation marks in data retrieved from a web page Allows HTTP file uploading Specifies the amount of data that can be uploaded Allows the PHP include() function to reference files on remote servers Defines one or more PHP extensions to load at runtime
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As a simple example, a classic database auto-incrementing value could not be implemented as an in-memory CLR function. This is because static persistence of state between invocations of the CLR function is not permitted. It simply can t remember the last value used each time a function is called. This is very similar to the behavior of a T-SQL function or procedure. Only a subset of the rich .NET base class libraries are available to the server-side SQL Server integrated CLR. For example, the System.Windows.Forms and System.Drawing namespaces cannot be used at the database because the notion of user interface (UI) controls does not exist at the database. Only the available base classes are shown in the dialog used to add references to a CLR integration project in Visual Studio. In addition, there are a number of limitations to the general .NET object-oriented programming (OOP) model when database objects are defined using CLR integration. These limitations, along with the many empowering features of programming CLR assemblies for use within SQL Server, will be further illuminated in the discussion that follows. Microsoft recognized that acceptance of this .NET Framework and SQL Server technology integration by the current community of database administrators and server-side T-SQL developers will be a valuable win in gaining early acceptance of this new database feature family. Undoubtedly, they also recognized that many of those same people lack the background and training necessary to adequately lead the way in building database components that can truly exploit the power and flexibility of CLR integration. This chapter is organized to aid administrators and developers in understanding CLR integration. The chapter opens by introducing the .NET Framework. It then describes how to use Visual Studio to create database components that run in the CLR. Next you ll read a survey of the .NET Framework architecture components intended to support CLR integration. Building on these basics, the chapter provides some example components, which demonstrate each of the new database types that are available with the integration of the CLR into SQL Server 2005. Finally, the chapter provides some considerations for when to use CLR integration components.
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will have mild effects on performance. One of the more effective is Windows 7 s hidden Disk Cleanup tool (Start Menu Search, and type disk clean), shown in Figure 6-14. This little wonder frees up hard drive space by removing unused temporary files. (Free hard drive space is important for keeping virtual memory and other applications (like Adobe Photoshop) running optimally. Virtual-memory optimization is covered in just a bit.) Don t shut down the PC: This one may seem obvious or even humorous, but think about it: why are you shutting down the PC anyway Windows 7 supports advanced power management states, including Hybrid Sleep and Hibernation, and these states enable your PC to shut down and power on far more quickly than actual shutdowns and power-ups. We examine Windows 7 s powermanagement functionality in 17, but don t be thrown by the chapter title: the power-management information there applies to both desktop PCs and mobile computers.
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The practical solution to this coupler leakage problem, and other measurement errors of re ected power, is to calibrate the VNA with a set of known mismatches, determine what the error is, and use this information to correct the measurements of the actual DUT. The traditional way of performing this error correction has been to use a set of precision SOLT standards that are sequentially attached to the VNA ports. A set of such standards are shown in their felt lined hardwood box in Figure 8.8. Measurements of phase and amplitude are made on each standard. The difference between the measurement and the standard is computed, stored in memory, and applied to correct each measurement of the DUT. Modern network analyzers, like that shown in Figure 8.1, display step-by-step instructions for attaching the standards, storing the measurement, and removing the calibration standards from the VNA ports. The correction factors are only calculated for the points along the current sweep setup. Thus, if the sweep frequencies for the measurement are changed to include frequencies outside the range that is currently being used, another calibration would need to be performed. Therefore, the normal procedure to perform a network analyzer measurement is to set up the measurement parameters such as sweep frequencies and power levels rst, then perform a calibration and take the measurement. Calibration also needs to be repeated any time the measurement conditions, such as ambient temperature, drift from the original conditions at the time that the calibration was performed.
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Creating an auto-sizing Smart Component
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ul { list-style-type: square; }
Pretest Calibration and Equipment Check 1. Verify characteristics of test generator per paragraph 6.1.2 of IEC 61000-4-8 (EN 61000-4-8). 2. Calibrate induction coil and coil factor per paragraph 6.2.2 of IEC 61000-4-8 (EN 61000-4-8). 3. Locate field sensor at front plane of the EUT in a position visible to the EMC engineer. Test Setup. The equipment to be tested can be evaluated in an open area without the need for a shielded enclosure. In addition, placement of a person next to the device under test will not affect results. The test setup contains the following components. Precaution shall be taken to ensure that the radiated magnetic field does not interfere with instrumentation or other sensitive equipment near the test setup. Ground reference plane (GRP) Equipment under test (EUT)
Then, the rc scripts run what we shall call the start scripts, again in the associated directory. The start scripts are all the files in this directory that start with a capital letter S, as identified by the following line of code (executed only if you are coming from some state other than 2 or 3):
Figure 6.2-5. CSC Signaling: AS-originated connection and release for Loop Start lines.
want owers, plants, and inanimate objects, for example then the 50mm macro will suf ce.
mobile radio using long spreading codes, in Proceedings of IEEE VTC 97, vol. 3 , (Phoenix, Arizona, USA), pp. 1430-1434, IEEE, 4-7 May 1997.
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