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U = high voltage source Rc = charging resistor Rm = impedance matching resistor Rs = pulse duration shaping resistor Cc energy storage capacitor Cd = DC blocking capacitor energy storage capacitor
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Inserted parts use one part as the starting point for another part. The inserted part sits as a feature in the FeatureManager of the child part. You can insert just the body geometry itself, or you can bring forward reference geometry, sketch data and all features, and break the link to the original part if you wish to. The role of configurations with inserted parts is that the configuration of the inserted part can be controlled from the child component. For example, you may have designed an engine block for an automobile. This engine block is a casting, and using configurations, you have both the six-cylinder and the eight-cylinder blocks in a single-part file. This model represents the as cast engine block. The next step is to make the block with all the secondary machining operations, such as facing mating surfaces, boring cylinders, drilling and tapping holes for threaded connections, and so on. As a result, the as-cast part is inserted into the as-machined part, and the configuration is selected before you add the cut features. As the name suggests, you add inserted parts by choosing Insert Part from the menu. The interface for assigning the configuration is shown in Figure 10.19. Simply right-click the inserted part feature and select List External References. It would seem to make more sense if the configuration could be selected when the part is first inserted, but it does not work this way; you have to select the configuration after the part is inserted.
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From the time you turn on your phone, you understand that it provides something different from the stagnant competition in the smart phone market. Sure, Windows Phone and its Metro UI hit all the high points, with touch and multi-touch gesture support, responsive hardware, and all the standard apps you expect. But it s so much more than just the basics. In this section, I ll examine the different parts of Metro, and see how this system really works.
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or fatty acids. This approach works well for noble metals (Au,21 23 Ag,22,23 Pd24), transition metals (Co,25,26 Ni,26 Fe27), and their alloys (FePt,28 CoPt329). Noble metal nanoparticles are often synthesized at room temperature, whereas colloidal synthesis of transition metal and alloy nanocrystals is performed at high temperatures, up to 300 C, to allow the annealing of crystalline defects in the particles.25 29 Examples of reactions used for synthesis of metal nanocrystals are given below: AuCl 3 25 C, NaBH4 , didodecyldimethylammonium bromide Au nanocrystals Fe (CO)5 + Pt (acetylacetonate)2 300 FePt nanocrystals C, oleic acid oleyl amine (2) The reactions used for synthesis of II VI (CdSe, CdTe), III V (InP, InAs), and IV VI (PbS, PbSe, PbTe) semiconductor nanocrystals are outlined by Schemes 3 5.4,17,30 32 The syntheses are carried out at high temperatures, and in the presence of long-chain alkylphosphines (trioctylphosphine, TOP), alkylphosphine oxides (trioctylphosphine oxide, TOPO), alkylamines (hexadecylamine, HDA), and alkylphosphonic acids as the stabilizing agents. Cd ( CH 3 )2 + ( C 8 H17 )3 PSe 300 C, HDA TOPO TOP CdSe nanocrystals InCl 3 + [( CH 3 )3 Si ]3 P InP nanocrystals
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DHCP (Dynamic Host Con guration Protocol) Server Scope Splits
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spyware: A software program that monitors what users do with their computers. Spyware can be used for harmless purposes such as collecting information for marketing research or it can be used for more malicious acts, such as obtaining personal information (like passwords or credit card numbers) for illegal or unwarranted use of this data. In this sense, sypware can be considered a type of malware or simply a device used to invade one s privacy. Spyware is capable of tracking all types of (unsecure) information transmitted over the Internet. USB Flash drive: A portable, lightweight memory-storage device used to back up or
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Figure 11.4-1. Call between subscribers. ISUP signaling all the way.
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Sometimes while designing a presentation, you may apply a transition and then decide that it just does not work. PowerPoint enables you to remove any transition in your presentation if you change your mind.
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feet. Even a small bump or tilt can cause toner to go spilling all over the place inside the printer, leaving you with a nasty and unhealthy mess to clean up.
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